High School Coach Discusses Arthur

Dallas big man Darrell Arthur is ready to pack his bags and start making visits. Arthur's high school coach, James Mays, updates Phog.net on Darrell's travel plans, and just where the Jayhawks stand with the blue chip PF.

After being courted by several of the nation’s top programs, 6-9 BF Darrell Arthur from Dallas (TX) South Oak Cliff is just about ready to start his visits. Among the schools he’s slated to visit officially are Baylor (Sep. 23), Indiana (date not set), North Carolina (Sep. 30) and SMU (Oct. 21), while he’ll visit Texas unofficially. Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks will get their crack at hosting the talented Texan on the weekend of October 14th.

Of course, that weekend coincides with Kansas’ Late Night festivities and Arthur’s high school coach James Mays thinks that it should be a good weekend for Arthur to visit.

“He likes Kansas and he really likes the atmosphere of Kansas,” Mays told Phog.Net. “I’m happy he’s going to go up there for their midnight madness. It’s going to give him a good feel for the tradition and the enormity of basketball up there.”

By now, most who follow recruiting probably feel like they’ve become pretty familiar with Arthur. Everybody has read about the way he runs the floor, how quick he is off of his feet, his ability to shoot out to the three point line and his seemingly limitless potential. However, unlike many other highly regarded players, what fans don’t see or read is a lot from Arthur talking about what he is capable of or why he should be ranked.

While others are in a hurry to see their name in the limelight, accolades and rankings aren’t and probably won’t ever be what motivates Arthur. His motivation is more focused.

“If you could excuse me for a second, he doesn’t give a damn about all of that, he could care less about rankings,” says Mays. “All he cares about is winning. It’s good for me because I don’t have to deal with a big ego and it will help him in college because he listens to his coaches.”

On the other hand, Arthur is also learning that because of his ability and potential the media spotlight is going to shine on him. He’s also learning that the media scrutiny will only be intensified when he steps onto a college court and it is something that those close to him are preparing him for.

“We’re trying to work him in that direction as far as dealing with the media,” said Mays. “He understands the role of the media and that there is going to be that give and take with the media so I think he’ll be ready for the attention.”

While he will be conducting his visits during the Fall, those looking for a quick decision from Arthur will have to wait. The plan is to wait until the spring to decide and it is something he’s made clear to the schools recruiting him from the start and he’s hoping that he can help out some of his teammates by waiting.

”Basically he’s in no rush,” said Mays. “We’ve got some other kids on our team who are still unsigned and he’s not a selfish kid. He thinks that maybe some of the attention he gets will help out his teammates in getting noticed.”

While he’s been hit up with just about every approach imaginable, Mays is impressed by the way Self and his staff have approached recruiting his star player.

”They haven’t just built a great relationship with Darrell,” said Mays of the Kansas approach. “They’ve also built a great relationship with me and my staff and have been up front with us from the start and that’s really important.”

As for what matters most to Arthur, Mays says it is a matter of trusting the coach that he’ll one day play for and knowing that the relationship he builds as a recruit will remain the same once he’s playing for a coach. From the sounds of it, Kansas is in it for the long haul.

”Coach Self and Coach Jankovich have done a great job of staying close to him,” said Mays. “They are in the hunt and have been in the hunt for a while and it isn’t like they just jumped in.”

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