Collins Thinking Fall

The official visits are being lined up. Coaches from Kansas, Illinois and Iowa are polishing their sales pitches, and decision time seems to be drawing nearer for Chicago point guard Sherron Collins.

It isn’t unusual for college coaches to roam the hallways of Chicago (IL) Crane. Head coach Anthony Longstreet has been putting a fine program on the floor for years and has produced several star players. Perhaps few have received as much attention as senior point guard Sherron Collins.

Collins a tough, aggressive and quick 5-11 PG is arguably the tops at his position in the country and he’s been recruited like it. According to Longstreet, his star pupil doesn’t find it the least bit daunting to live up to the hype of being Sherron Collins.

“He’s a kid who came in and played on a city championship team as a freshman,” Longstreet told “He played with five division one players on that team so he got used to this early. He’s played with pros and against all of the best so none of the attention really phases him.”

This fall, Collins has been busy tearing it up on the football field as well. While football has prevented him from giving the process of making a college decision his full attention, it hasn’t completely stopped him. After setting a visit to Kansas for the weekend of October 14th a few weeks ago, Collins has now scheduled a trip to Iowa for the weekend of the 21st and will most likely hit Illinois (date not finalized yet) the weekend of the 28th.

According to Longstreet, there is the chance that another school could work their way in but more than likely the Hawkeyes, Illini and Jayhawks will remain the finalists. Most coaches have been selling Collins on the prospects of coming in and helping lead a school to a final four, and from the sounds of it Bill Self’s approach has been right along those lines.

“Not really, Kansas hasn’t done anything different because they have all been selling him on their school,” said Longstreet of the Kansas approach. “With Kansas, how can you not be impressed with their history, it’s impressive.”

Longstreet also sees some positives in Self as a coach and believes that being familiar with the Chicago area has helped the Kansas coach.

“He’s established himself as a top notch coach and a recruiter,” said Longstreet. “Just look at the crew he brought in at Illinois.”

Now that the visits are all set up, or at the very least awaiting finalization of the date, it is nearing time for Collins to make a decision. Longstreet is adamant that there is no leader and that the visits will go a long way towards deciding where Collins ends up. As for the timeframe of a decision, it shouldn’t be too far away.

“We’re going to try and get it done in the fall, after the visits.” Top Stories