Chris Wright Hearing from Kansas

Washington D.C. PG Chris Wright is hearing from the Kansas staff, but he may have another school atop his list.

Chris Wright, of Washington, D.C., flat out got it done this summer.  The 6-foot-1 point guard played at a high level and earned his ranking as the 6th best point guard in the class of 2007.

One specific event that Wright excelled at was the Nike All-American Camp in Indianapolis. The Nike camp is a very prestigious camp and being able to play there is an honor in itself, but Wright did more than play there, he showed off his talented game to a number of college coaches.

“It went well.  I made the all-star team,” Wright explained about his camp experience.  “I did well.  It was a good experience a lot of good talent and a lot of good players.  It was good to meet everybody.”

A number of schools must have liked what they saw at camp because Wright is hearing from some of the top schools in the country.  North Carolina State, Duke, Villanova, Kansas, DePaul, Texas, and Wake Forest are the schools showing Wright the most interest.

With two unofficial visits already under his belt, the St. Johns College HS product said that there is one school that is sticking out above the others.

“NC State, that’s the school that I’m most comfortable with right now.  I’ve gotten to know their coaching staff the best.  I’ve been there a couple of times.  I really like their program and their style of play.”

The other school that Wright has unofficially visited is Villanova.  He plans to take a few more visits some time soon and might take a visit to DePaul next weekend. 

When Wright takes his visits, there are certain aspects in each school that he is looking for and the coaching staff, and playing time seem to be among the most important factors in his recruitment.

“First I’m going to have to like the coaching staff.  I’m going to have to go to a place that I can play immediately, a place where I can win a national championship and get a good education.” Top Stories