Telep Chat: Aldrich, Arthur, Collins...More!'s National Recruiting Director Dave Telep stopped by the chatroom tonight, fielding questions on the recent commitment of Cole Aldrich, and also providing the latest info on the ongoing battle for Darrell Arthur. Complete transcript inside.

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TomLight:: Hey dave

Protist:: Shhhhh

stormchaserhawk:: ta dah!

CyprusXXX:: Hey Dave

WavetheWheat:: Hello dave

mascott:: Hola Dave

FearRaef:: DAVE

Dave Telep:: Evening folks!

mascott:: So Dave....Has Darrell Arthur committed to Kansas this evening?

kirbonzi:: getting any sleep dave?

Dave Telep:: NONE!

SammyWah:: I didn't know I was supposed to be wasted to participate . . .

lobro66:: drunk....6

All4KU:: It's a rule

Protist:: ***crickets

kirbonzi:: do u have anyone u would compare Aldrich to?

TomLight:: Dave, are you hearing anything about Arthur?

Dave Telep:: On Arthur: Called his HS coach before we started and didn't get him. I believe something is brewing for the next few days but again, there's a lot of speculation going around. Four days ago AAU coach told me Indiana and KU were top two but depending on who you speak with in the situation is the read you receive. KU was close to nailing this down two weeks ago. we'll see if the delay assisted them or not. Indiana seems to have more of a shot than people are letting on

WavetheWheat:: interesting......

mascott:: Very

bigguns21:: I like Mays.

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CPAHawk:: Doug Mays?

WavetheWheat:: Do you feel Aldrich's verbal has any affect?

CyprusXXX:: Why do you think KU didn't nail him down?

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Jayhawk112:: How come Jazzy didn't accompany Arthur on his visit to KU?  Will that have any impact?

Dave Telep:: Aldrich's verbal has NO affect on Arthur.

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mascott:: Thought so

WavetheWheat:: cool

kirbonzi:: heh

mascott:: EDF couldn't handle the pressure

lobro66:: Tom, can you pin that to the top of every board

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Dave Telep:: THere are a lot of folks around Arthur. It doesn't seem like they are always on the same page. I think that's been a major reason for the delay.

GAPeachHawk:: KEITH

HawkSC:: what would Arthur add that we don't have right now, if our bigs improve

bigguns21:: EDF got in trouble.

KeithHarris:: Hey Peachie!

KeithHarris:: :-)

GAPeachHawk:: ;')

Dave Telep:: Arthur is EXPLOSIVE, a great athlete and can shoot the 3 ball ...

RobGomez:: I know Aldrich is still developing, but if you had to guess is he a one and done type, or do you see him being in Lawrence for multiple years??

Dave Telep:: I think Aldrich is in Kansas for more than one season. Disclaimer: I generally think kids like to stay at least two years if they are having a good time and winning.

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Protist:: Dave, is Arthur a 3 or will he play 4 in college?

Kjayhawk:: dear god there's alot of jayhawks in here

bigguns21:: Are the Texas teams out of it for Arthur?

SweetDaddyJ:: does aldrich have a higher ceiling than Kevin Love?

mascott:: SHould have seen it for MalikGate

HawkSC:: how strong is Aldrich at this time.  He's big and has a very wide frame and can put on the muscle sometime

Dave Telep:: He'll play the PF in college but will be versatile enough to move around on offense. WIll play PF on defense for sure. He's a cog in a big wheel of good players and has a lot to add to the mix.

TomLight:: .

CyprusXXX:: Sounds perfect for the high in the hi/lo. If he can pass that is

WavetheWheat:: Dave looking back at this years great class who do you think will have the biggest impact?  Downs?  Rush?  Chalmers? or Wright?

mascott:: Does playing with a potential great PG like Collins play a factor in his decision?

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RobGomez:: wow a guy can imagine Aldrich, Arthur and wright down low, with Collins and Chalmers....WOW

Dave Telep:: Love's ceiling might not be overly high (see Elton Brand) but he's a good player. Aldrich might have a slightly higher ceiling but hasn't been the enourmous producer Love has to date. Aldrich is a much better defensive player ..

CPAHawk:: kids, one at a time. Hold your hand up politely and wait to be called upon.

Kjayhawk:: Dave - whose the best unknown player out there?

abm11:: dave, can you comment on  kevin love's recruitment?

mascott:: Dave, Derrick Rose....KU, UI, UNC, DePaul are in the mix for him...A lot of talk that UCONN will make a serious run. Who do you think ends up with him?

Dave Telep:: I think eventually Wright's addiction to winning and the intangibles he brings will have the biggest long term impact. I think they all play and are early contributors.

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bigguns21:: They are going to have to be.

mascott:: They are going to learn to bounce pass

SammyWah:: Aldrich's build reminds me a little of Kevin Bookout, although a bit taller. Are their games similar?

Dave Telep:: The best unknown player out there is by far a kid named Michael Clayton. He's long, needs to get a little tougher and is immature but he'll get there.

lobro66:: Dave, Among coaches gurus or whoever, what is the word on self and ku and recruiting?  This has been quite a run.

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Dave Telep:: Bookout isn't the skilled guy love is. Bookout is more power and limited in terms of where he can score. Love has a better face up game. Boxout is one of my favorite rebounders of all time though

bigguns21:: Heard Rush got run from practice the other day.   Was struggling a bit.

mascott:: OJ Mayo and Walker...Where do you see them? Also, word that Oden might not be OSU bound. Any truth?

Dave Telep:: You don't need me to answer that question. You see the recruiting success they've had the last two years, they are on quite a run.

FearRaef:: we like to be stroked a bit, dave

GAPeachHawk:: Are we becoming the Duke of the Midwest?

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Dave Telep:: Walke and Mayo start a new trend: they skip college, either go and make pro money for a year or accept a shoe contract (in Mayo's case a big one). This is merely my guess based on the business of basketball and nothing else.

CPAHawk:: Dave, what percent of these kids gey disability insurance when they start playing college ball?

kirbonzi:: dave have you ever seen anyone steal the ball from sherron?

HawkSC:: Duke would like to be the Kansas of the east coast

Dave Telep:: More than you think. THe best players in the college game are more and more taking out policies. Makes sense.

Dave Telep:: Lawson got Collins once but believe me, it's a rarity. he's tricky wtih the rock and very confident. He's like a tank with a basketball.

mascott:: Where do you see Rose playing? UCONN?

CPAHawk:: I take it the NCAA sets the limit for each player or do they have free reign?

Kjayhawk:: how good is Kosta Kouifos potientally going to be

TomLight:: Love to hear Dave's comments on Sherron and what he might bring to KU

kirbonzi:: how does sherron's handles rank of players you have seen?

Dave Telep:: Who knows with Rose. That one IMO is going to take a while to truly develop.

Dave Telep:: Koufos is OSU and MD at this point with strong ties to OSU and family ties to MD area. I hear he's atleast 6-10 right now and he's a big timer IMO

RobGomez:: Am I the only one that sees a real similarity between Collins videos and how Mateen Cleaves played??

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mascott:: Dave, are you going to give in and rank Travis Releford #1 in the 08' class yet?

bigguns21:: Okie St or Ohio St.?

CyprusXXX:: Yes. Sherron can shoot.

Dave Telep:: Sherron brings a kid who can get to the rim and attack. He'll zip balls to guys in transition and brings a confidence wiht him. Big time athlete in a small guard body but he's tough, strong and a leader.

Dave Telep:: No, I am not. BUT this is 2005, they graduate in 2008 and that's a long time from now. Forgive me, we have him in the Top 5 and that's a huge compliment.

Kjayhawk:: Paul Harris, I've heard mixed reports on him, is he an immature guy with great skill, or just a great skill player

TomLight:: Thanks, Dave

mascott:: Dave, have you had the chance to see Tyrel Reed yet? Do think he is a high major calibur?

Dave Telep:: Cleaves was one of the best LEADERS in college basketball history. That comparison has to be earned over a span of years in college.

mascott:: I forgive you.

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Dave Telep:: I think Tyrel Reed is a good player who will play HM ball. Doesn't have the resume yet of other guys in his class but he's working on it. Smart, solid and a good college prospect.

SweetDaddyJ:: Dave, which non McDonald's All American freshman do you think will have the biggest impact in college basketball this year?

CyprusXXX:: Dave, what is your opinion of Xavier Henry's game? Does he have the makings of a big time college player?

bigguns21:: Brandon Rush.

Brock:: Dave -- have you seen Willie Warren of North Crowley play?  Any thoughts about his game?

mascott:: McRoberts

mascott:: biggest impact

Dave Telep:: Seen Willie Warren. Gettting bigger and stronger each year. Might be a strong Shooting guard when it's all said and done. He's a tough matchup

CyprusXXX:: He was a burger boy though

mascott:: Hate Duke, but that kid is for real

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mascott:: true

bigguns21:: I'd rather have him at Duke than UNC

mascott:: I think McRoberts and Hansbrough will be fun to watch

mascott:: against eachother

KeithHarris:: Dave will Bruce Weber ever win a recruiting battle against Self?

kirbonzi:: did dwight lewis commit to USC?

bigguns21:: Should be some good battles.

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SammyWah:: Dave, what do you think of Paulus?

Dave Telep:: Tried to confirm with Lewis in regards to his commitment and he's been tough to reach.

mascott:: Paulus reminds me a lot of Aaron Miles

TomLight:: Dave, if in fact KU misses out on Arthur, do you think they're done with the 2006 class, and would then look toward another offer in '07?

HawkSC:: great question, Tom

Brock:: Put it in the bank...

Dave Telep:: I think Paulus is a great college guard. He'll eventually move into a leadership role on that team and if they are going to win the national title, he'll be the guy at the point to steady the ship. He'll make freshman mistakes but will be a proven strong college player.

bigguns21:: We've put an awful lot of time in on 07.

mascott:: Do you feel Frasor will struggle at UNC?

Kjayhawk:: what do you think about Paul Harris?

Dave Telep:: I would think that if KU misses on 2006 it would have to FALL IN LOVE with a kid to take him in this class and wouldn't do anything until at least the spring. As for 2007, they'll be in a position to go after Singler (maybe the best player availalbe on thier board)

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SammyWah:: Paulus looks like a guy people are going to hate, unless they're Dukies of course. Just something about his style of play / attitude.

Jhawk1017:: Dave, does the fact that Indiana got a late comer in the 6'9'' euro help us in the Arthur sweepstakes?

Dave Telep:: Really like Paul Harris. He's the nuclear weapon as a player. Not sure what he's going to do but you don't want him in the hands of the enemy

kirbonzi:: jucos seem like they are coming very diluted with preping being the way to go, whats your opinion?

FearRaef:: agreed, sammy.  duke has an inaate ability to get those kind of players

Dave Telep:: Cem Dinc will not affect SLim Shady one bit

HawkSC:: Would Singler or Arthur be better for the hawks?

Dave Telep:: Juco basketball is toast. the prep schools have taken over. We saw this coming 4 years ago and it's gotten progressively worse.

Baumer03:: kirbonzi, if you listen to Ok State fans all three of their jucos will be All Americans so don't tell them it's diluted

TomLight:: Wow

SammyWah:: Isn't Singler a SF?

Dave Telep:: When your choices are Singler and Arthur you don't get picky.

Kjayhawk:: will Jeffery Jordan play high D1

Dave Telep:: Singer is a different position.

Brock:: That's why K-State is toast

kirbonzi:: i nkow baumer

kirbonzi:: lol

KeithHarris:: Dave, on the basis of just talent alone, should Kansas this year be in your top ten?

Kjayhawk:: kstate plays basketball?

Dave Telep:: JEffrey Jordan is a mid-major player. His brother Marcus might be HM but Jeff will captain a MM ship

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CPAHawk:: KSU plays women's basketball

bigguns21:: Jordan to WSU.

Dave Telep:: They probably have Top 10 talent but it's young so patience is required. This will be a strong team by mid-January.

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KeithHarris:: Thanks.

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Onslaught:: Dave,  it's very early but where does KU stand with Singler? Are they very much in the mix or do they have some ground to make up? Can you describe his game? Thanks

bigguns21:: Don't say that too loud Dave.  People will hold you to that.

HawkSC:: I hope the phlock will be patient this year

TomLight:: About five more minutes with Dave

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abm11:: dave, similar question about kevin love

Dave Telep:: KU has been to see Singler numerous times this fall. That's about all they can do. They are in the mix. Duke will be all over him too.

tkhawker:: tom, are you going to put up a transcript of this?

Jhawk1017:: Any one you would compare Aldrich to?(Koncak)?

TomLight:: Yes, tk

tkhawker:: thanks

SweetDaddyJ:: is self going for the first ever 5 small forwards line up?

kirbonzi:: what do u think of poling out of oregon?

CPAHawk:: oh great Tom, now you tell us

Dave Telep:: Cole Aldrich is Paul Bunyan with a basketball. A better Jared Reiner who played at Iowa. More talented than Reiner.


Dave Telep:: Andy Poling is going to be a strong HM player. Not strong right now but skilled and he'll be a big timer

bigguns21:: We actually recruited Reiner at one time.

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CyprusXXX:: Any thoughts on Xavier Henry?

Kjayhawk:: Duke Crews, I heard he shot up the recruting charts, is he a High d1?

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Dave Telep:: Seen him a bunch. Terrific 2009 prospect. Heard his dad played somewhere near Lawrence.

CPAHawk:: please edit out moronic comments by people who should be acting like adults, self included

RobGomez:: Dave do you see Cole being a double double guy later in his career or more of a rebounding defensive prescense


Dave Telep:: If Duke wasn't a high D-I player we wouldn't rank him No. 36 in America. He's much improved and strong PF.

Onslaught:: Dave, if Kansas gets Arthur, do you think they may still take a verbal commitment from one of their other '07 targets before the scholarship situation is cleared up, or would they be done until spring '07?

Brock:: Paul Bunyan, eh?  Then we need to recruit Kevin Love to play his ox, Babe...

Protist:: Dave,  Cole is certainly big and physical, how quick is he? 

Dave Telep:: Cole should be a double-double guy but those are rare in college. 12/8 is a great number for a big man on a talented team

TomLight:: Dave, dou think the KU staffers are comfortable with NOT getting Arthur, and playing their current bigs next season?  I've often thought out of Collins/Arthur, that Collins was the bigger get for them.

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Baumer03:: So if Arthur commits KU actually has a commit for a scholly that doesn't exist yet. odd

lobro66:: it's the new math baumer

Dave Telep:: How quick are 6-10, 240 pound guys in general? He's not Garnett that's for sure. He's an insider who can run, rebound and has skill to score. he wasn't recruited because he's julian wright athletically.

Protist:: Well yeah, I was talking for his size.

tkhawker:: maybe move more like a colison?

SammyWah:: how does he compare to collison?

tkhawker:: collison

kirbonzi:: collison was more skilled

Dave Telep:: I'm sure KU staffers would be more comfortable with Arthur and figuring out the playing time scenarios based on his availability. Having said that, he's a nice luxury recruit to have and can be an impact on whatever team he pciks

CyprusXXX:: On the offensive end

Dave Telep:: Collinson is more PF, while Cole is more C.

kirbonzi:: why is shady so shy?

CyprusXXX:: Dave, do your fingers hurt?

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Kjayhawk:: what coach is the most underrated recruiter?

KeithHarris:: I missed the early portion of the chat, did Dave say where he thinks Arthur is leaning?

TomLight:: No worries, Keith...I'll put up a transcript

Dave Telep:: I'm a machine built to withstand numerous chat sessions per night. Now, the only thing that will hurt is my marriage if i don't shut it down a few nights a week!

lobro66:: ku almost locked it down a couple of weeks ago, IU coming on strong

KeithHarris:: Cool, thanks Tom

TomLight:: One more minute with dave, folks

CyprusXXX:: Nice Mr. Telep.

Baumer03:: underrated= Coach Drew at Baylor

CPAHawk:: pre-nup Dave

lobro66:: 18 years 18 years

CyprusXXX:: Dave did u ever mention if you think Texas has a shot at Shady?

HawkSC:: Thanks for your insights, Dave

CyprusXXX:: *still

CPAHawk:: post-nups are legal too

RobGomez:: Dave you need to get a headset that put out what you say without having to type.

Dave Telep:: Texas and Shady has been a rocky road from the get go. It would be an upset for them to land him.

CyprusXXX:: Thanks

TomLight:: Dave, thanks for coming, man

SammyWah:: thanks dave!

Brock:: Baylor = proximity

kirbonzi:: big thanks dave later

CyprusXXX:: Appreciate it Dave. Don't be a stranger

RobGomez:: thanks

GAPeachHawk:: Thanks Mr. Telep

Dave Telep:: I need a headset, secretary, 61 inch plasma and a hottie taking diction. Other than that, I'm fine.

CPAHawk:: gracias senor Dave

lobro66:: sucj up peach

Kjayhawk:: thanks Mr. Telep

RobGomez:: nice

Onslaught:: thanks Dave

HawkSC:: wife wouldn't like the hottie, Dave.  Take my word for that


Kjayhawk:: Dave is the funniest basketball expert out there

KeithHarris:: Dave, don't be a stranger to the board

Brock:: Thanks, Dave.  Back to your marriage.

CyprusXXX:: Bossi is funny too.

lobro66:: thx

SammyWah:: SO, now what do we talk about???

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FearRaef:: "taking diction".  nice. 

lobro66:: how about Paul Shirley...back writing on

SammyWah:: freudian slip

Dave Telep:: Gentlemen (and ladies), thanks for having me. Best of luch this year. I think you'll like this team.

CyprusXXX:: How about the reincarnation of jv?

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CPAHawk:: Tom, let us know when the transcript will stop so wwe can speak freely

CyprusXXX:: Thanks

All4KU:: Thank you for coming by

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HawkSC:: Thank you

bigguns21:: It's going to be a lot more fun to watch than last year's version.

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Kjayhawk:: nah i love my alma matter, thanks and stop by again man!

GAPeachHawk:: Standing ovation for Dave

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