Wallymo's Random Thoughts: Arizona

Well, fortunately that wasn't as bad as it could have been. I saw some things that I really liked, but there is no doubt that this team has a long way to go. Still, I'm going to really enjoy watching the process.

Some not particularly insightful random thoughts:

  • Wow, that was sloppy. Hey Zona, KU is all freshmen and sophomores. What's your excuse?
  • If you beat the press, you have to make the other team pay. Undoubtedly, this team has not spent a great deal of time working on it. And Lute was smart to make the obvious play and put pressure out of the gate on this team. Until we learn to take advantage of our numbers across midcourt, we'll continue to see more trapping in the backcourt.
  • The rules allow for resetting the offense after an offensive rebound. They reset the shot clock and everything. There is therefore no need to jack up a three as soon as the ball comes out of the post.
  • Sasha Kaun makes me happy.
  • We saw the first indication of the level of players Mario Chalmers is accustomed to going against last night. The difference in speed must be dramatic. I think he'll figure it out.
  • Micah Downs was better. He looked a little more confident and was more active. If he doesn't find his stroke from behind the arc, however, this team is in trouble.
  • Should we make Jeremy Case our designated "thug" to come off the bench and rough up the other team's best player? That was a beautiful takedown in his one minute of action. Look out Danny Fortson, there's a new sheriff in town.
  • Russell Robinson needs to hit a shot. If nothing else, he needs to prove he can shoot just well enough to prevent his man from collapsing in the lane.
  • Turnovers and offensive rebounds beat this team. Barking about the refs is for losers.
  • Good use of time-outs by Bill Self in the first half. While other coaches tend to let their teams continue to get blown out of the gym in order to build "character," I thought he was right to not let this young team get totally run over without a stop.
  • I think we'll really find out what this team is made of today against Arkansas and, if all goes to plan, Maryland. Kansas should beat both of those teams. Whether they can play poised enough to beat either team, however, is no certain thing.

Rock Chalk!

- Wallymo

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