Wallymo's Random Thoughts: Nevada

I remain optimistic.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with the performance last night. True, we should never lose under any circumstances to a WAC team in Allen. But I definitely see improvement from game to game with this team. At this point, with this youth, that's all I ask for. An abbreviated random thoughts to usher in your weekend.

  • My man-crush for Sasha Kaun continues unabated. Although he still throws up some clunkers reminiscent of last year, he has made incredible strides in his game. Love the size. Love the aggressiveness. Love the offensive rebounds. Love the made free throws. He may never be the most polished big man we've had, but I'll always be a fan.
  • That should be the last three-pointer Christian Moody takes this year. Please.
  • Brandon Rush. How much has this team really lost from Keith Langford as a senior to Rush as a freshman? True, Keith had a little better handle, but he wasn't as money on the pull-up. It's seeing talent like Brandon that makes me wish the NBA didn't exist. Can you imagine him as an upperclassman?
  • The transition from Jeff Hawkins to Mario Chalmers at the point needs to continue.
  • Micah Downs continues to look more comfortable and confident on the floor. His ability to drive at the 3-spot is a nice change. He must continue to hit from beyond the arc for this team to do anything.
  • I'm concerned that anyone with decent size appears to affect C.J. Giles' shot selection. Hey, you're tall too.
  • Whining about refs is for losers.
  • Bottom line is that this team is still learning how to win at this level. Against pretty good competition, they have managed to stay in every game and given themselves an opportunity to win in the last five minutes. As frustrating as it may be to us, young teams typically have problems closing teams out. Should this pattern continue into the new year, I'll be concerned. As of now, however, the team is pretty much where I thought they would be. Keep the faith.

Rock Chalk!

- Wallymo

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