Jefferson Working for the Future

Micah Downs' recent departure from Kansas fueled speculation about what Kansas will do with another scholarship available. 6-9 forward Darrell Arthur is still the "must-have" from the class of 2006, but where is Davon Jefferson on the Kansas radar? checked in with Jefferson's prep school coach Chris Chaney for the latest on Davon's recruitment.

6-8 forward Davon Jefferson has the type of game that makes coaches salivate. He’s got oodles of athletic ability and can jump out of the gym. You get the feeling that if he could, Jefferson would finish every possession with a dunk. He has a world of potential at his fingertips so it’s easy for his Patterson School head coach Chris Chaney to list Jefferson’s attributes.

“He’s obviously very talented - he’s got a lot of big-time potential - he’s very explosive – he’s a great finisher - and I think those are things he was born with. There are things that the other 95 percent of the country can’t do,” according to Chaney. “On the other hand he’s only been playing basketball for five years. He’s actually a pretty smart player but we’re trying to just get him to want to be great instead of just being very good.”

While Jefferson continues to hone his skills on the court for Patterson, he’s also working on getting his academics in order to play college basketball – a common theme amongst prep school players. 

“There were games (this season) he missed and other guys missed because they weren’t doing what they needed to do academically. These guys have got to understand, especially prep guys, that’s what they’re mainly here for,” Chaney stated. “He’s trying and he’s starting to do what he needs to do but what we try to tell him is that it’s an everyday process not just a once in awhile process.”

With the likes of USC, Kansas, Oklahoma State and Georgetown still gracing his current list of prospective colleges, Davon has plenty of motivation to get his academics in order. But a college choice won’t be the only thing he’ll be mulling over. Davon is eligible for the 2006 NBA Draft and still could skip college altogether.

“I mean he’s still thinking about it and course he would like to do it. Liking to do it and being able to do it might be two different things. I think he’ll test the waters (but) what we’re really working on right now is just trying to getting him academically eligible right now. That’s our main focus,” stated Chaney.

As for the Jayhawks interest in Jefferson? Kansas continues to keep an eye on’s top-ranked prep school prospect like most of the schools on Davon’s list.

“They (Kansas staff) call me and just check in on him to see how he’s doing. He hasn’t set up visit or anything like that so I think they’re waiting to see if he qualifies and waiting to see how he does the rest of the year,” Chaney continued. “They’re in a position where they don’t need to take a chance on a kid.”

Though Jefferson does not have a formal scholarship offer from the Jayhawks, he’s aware  of the Micah Downs situation and knows there could be an opportunity in front of him in Lawrence.

“I think he knows about it and he really likes the Kansas coaches. I don’t think he’s going to make any decisions anytime soon,” said Chaney.

According to Chaney, Jefferson’s AAU coach Rick Isaac wants him to possibly make a decision before the end of the school year, but for now it’s wait-and-see with Jefferson.

For now Davon is working on improving his academic standing while averaging “around 15 points a game” for Patterson which is currently 28-1. Top Stories