Morningstar Enjoying Prep Year

When Brady Morningstar made the decision to attend prep school some openly wondered what level he'd end up at. Then the 6-3 Lawrence native made the decision to attend Kansas after a strong summer and people wondered if he'd be good enough to play for the Jayhawks.

If his performance at New Hampton (NH) Prep is an indication of things to come the Jayhawk fans are in for a pleasant surprise when Brady Morningstar arrives.

“My game is coming along, I'm shooting it pretty well,” Morningstar told Phog.Net. “I've changed my shot and I feel real comfortable with it. I'm stepping out and hitting threes and my mid range game is really coming along.”

According to Morningstar, his coach doesn't keep stats but he figures he's averaging right around 19 or 20 points a game. The thing about it is that the points don't matter, the decision to attend prep school was all about preparing to play at Kansas and diversifying his game.

He's added weight, he's equally comfortable playing the point or the wing, his team is winning lots of ball games and he's getting a taste of what to expect in college thanks to a rigorous schedule.

“Sometimes we have three or even four games a week,” said Morningstar. “It's not exactly what you have in college, but it helps you conditioning wise. I love having all of these games. Going to prep school has been worth it. I'm having a great time and I don't regret it at all.”

A lifelong Jayhawk fan, Morningstar is also paying close attention to his future team. He catches them on ESPN whenever he can, stays in touch with coaches and players and was home in early January to watch the Kentucky game on his official visit where he met another future teammate, Cole Aldrich.

“The visit was great. I went into the locker room before and after. I chilled out with the players and hung out with the coaches,” said Morningstar. “I met Cole in the locker room after the game. He's a nice guy, he's pretty funny too and seems like he'll be easy to get along with. He's real big too. I saw him last summer and knew he was big but it's different standing right next to him.”

As he counts down the days until he arrives in Lawrence, Morningstar is looking to finish his prep year strong. He's also hoping that Kansas can keep up their recent strong play while looking forward to contributing.

“I like how they are playing. They are getting up and down. They grab the rebound and they are pushing it,” said Morningstar. “It's crazy, I'm watching on t/v. and thinking about how I'll be there next year and I'll be there with all the guys having fun. It seems like I've been waiting all of my life for this.” Top Stories