Shoot for the Moon, Jayhawk Fans

KU fan Kevbo9 shares his thoughts prior to the NCAA Tournament

The Final Four this year would be beyond my wildest dreams.  It's weird in a sense. You see these kids doing these things and you can't believe it. You know that they shouldn't be able to just turn it on and go on a 17-5 run to close the game and beat a top 10 team the way they did against Texas. You know that this team shouldn't be THIS GOOD this fast. You know that teams this young shouldn't be able to handle the pressure of the tournament.

But this team is different. You expect them to struggle, barely make the tournament, hope they can get to double figure wins in the league. You don't expect them to go 13-3, win the conference tournament and go into the dance as a 4 seed. Normally as a 4 seed you're hoping like hell the 1 gets upset and you get a clear path to the regional final. Or maybe as a 4 you play the perfect game and knock out that 1 seed yourself.

But I think this KU team is possibly under-seeded for the level that they have played at for 3 months, as well as the overall level of talent that we have seen blossom the last 16 games. What you would normally expect of a team with this makeup can't be applied to this team b/c they have been breaking all the rules which usually apply. Freshman usually struggle on defense, adapting to the speed of the college game. Freshman usually don't understand what good shots are, having taking all the shots in high school. But that isn't this team. This team plays defense better than any KU team I can ever remember.

We are faster and more athletic than any team I can ever remember. We have guys who take too few shots not too many. Seniors are deferring to underclassmen and happy about it. This isn't the way things used to be, this isn't the way you're supposed to build a team to win. The seniors/upperclassmen are supposed to teach the young kids how to win, what it takes to compete with the best teams. This team did it differently. They had to get their @ss kicked by UT the first time, to realize what level they needed to raise their game to. And then they did it. That's incredible.This was supposed to be a year that toughens up our young talent for a run at the title next year.

But we have a good shot at this thing. To see this team play at this level is incredible and the credit falls to Bill Self. The chemistry, the pieces, they all fit in a way that hardly any of us have ever seen. It's scary to let yourself start to believe that these kids could do it. You're scared b/c if you start to believe, really believe in these kids and their abilities to get to the Final Four or win the whole thing then you might get your heart broken. They might flame out in the first round. They might lose to Pitt. They might have just teased you to into believing they could do it when in reality it was a bit of fools gold.

It's easier, less painful to set the goals low, hope for a sweet sixteen and say everything else from there is gravy. That's easy and then if they surprise you, you get to go along for the ride. Well I'm here to tell you to hitch your wagon to this train b/c it's going places. If we bomb out against Bradley I'll be the first to come on here and say I was dead wrong. But I got a feeling people. I'm shooting for the moon with this team of kids, this team starting 3 freshman and 2 sophomores. I'm ready for us to surprise the crap out of people with just how good we really are.

Hook yourself onto the train now, people,  and enjoy the ride as we shoot for the moon. The moon named Indianapolis and the Final Four. Dare to believe in this team and you'll be rewarded. Top Stories