Kansas Watches 2008 Prospect

During the April evaluation period, college coaches have been scrambling from coast to coast in an effort to see as many kids as possible play. In that sense, the Kansas staff is no different. Last weekend in Houston, the eyes of the Kansas coaches were turned towards a class of 2008 wing who they had previously seen during the winter.

Some kids like to play cool and pretend that playing in front of a gym where the walls are lined with coaches is no big deal, but Scott Suggs a talented 6-5 guard from Washington (MO) High has a hard time not noticing them. In fact, he thinks it’s pretty cool.

“It’s pretty cool to see them all lined up there and know they’re all watching you and you want to do good. You try not to think about it during the game though,” Suggs told Phog.net. “When you first come in it makes you nervous but once you play you forget about it. Every once in a while after you do a good move you might look over there to see if they write something down.”

While he starred as a sophomore for his high school team in Washington, a town that sits approximately 50 miles west of St. Louis, Suggs understands that playing up for the St. Louis Eagles oldest team would expose him to a new level of competition. After finding success on their younger teams, he’s finding that there are some differences when playing against older competition.

“The first time I played up here I found out it is a lot more competitive,” said Suggs. “People play a lot better defense and you’ve got to be a lot more aggressive and physical so that’s the biggest jump I’ve had to make.”

Despite a lack of bulk, Suggs has handled the transition splendidly and much of that has to do with his advanced game. He handles very well for a wing -- so well in fact that he can play some point -- shoots well from deep and has one of the best mid-range games of anybody in his class. It isn’t surprising that he’s tried to incorporate aspects of some the NBA’s best player’s games into his.

“Of course Michael Jordan just like everybody,” said Suggs. “Also a little bit of T-Mac and Kobe, those are the guys I’ve used the most.”

At this point, Suggs has yet to determine a list of favorites and is open to anybody that wants to recruit him. Among those who have expressed early interest are Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, SLU, Illinois, Southerin Illinois, and Washington.

While he admits that he doesn’t know entirely too much about Kansas or any other school at this point, Suggs has been watching Bill Self’s squad a little bit.

“I like their players, they had some good freshman,” said Suggs. “Brandon Rush, Mario Chalmers, I think they have a pretty good group. I was surprised they lost in the first round but I was following them, cheering for them.”

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