Meet Steve Moore

Nearing the completion of his sophomore year at Independence (MO) Truman, Steve Moore knows that he still has plenty of room for improvement. However, when the 6-8 BF looks back at where he was this time last year in comparison to where he is now, he can't help but see improvement.

“My mentality is better, I’m more aggressive,” said Moore. “I’m less timid than I was. When you don’t play timid you get a lot more rebounds and you can be the beast on your team, that’s what I’m trying to do.”

A long lefty with a frame that will fill out nicely, Moore runs the court as well or better than any local big man. Because he beats his opponent down the floor so regularly, he’s able to get himself some easy baskets in transition. In the halfcourt setting he’s a very capable shooter to 15 feet, passes well out of double teams and he’s learning to go hard to the basket with spin moves.

Having already seen coaches from schools like Kansas, Creighton, Missouri, Virginia, Missouri State and others come out to watch him, Moore is the first one to admit he’s got to keep working if he wants to play on that level. Playing on KC Pump ‘N Run’s 16 and 17 year old teams this spring has given him a chance to gauge where he’s at.

“I think that I’ve done ok, but there is always room for improvement,” Moore told “The game speed is faster. How you move and how you play defense, you have to be a lot quicker.”

At this point, Moore is hoping that more schools take a look at him as he continues to work on his game. However, he admits that Kansas is a school that he’s always liked and that after seeing Kansas coaches show up to watch him play and taking in a few games in Lawrence -- including a game he spent sitting next to Wayne Simien -- the Jayhawks would be awfully tough to turn down if a scholarship offer is ever made.

“It felt pretty good to see them come to watch me play, I wasn’t expecting it. Then I went to a game and it clicked,” said Moore. “Talking to Wayne Simien for a game was pretty cool. Wayne is one of my idols and an inspiration so it was great to spend time with him.”

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