Singler Still Considering Five

To really understand how different Kyle Singler is from the majority of today's top high school players, you really have to watch how he approaches things. From the long and rigorous stretching routine that the nearly six-foot-nine inch forward puts himself through before and after each game to the way he avoids attention away from the court.

At Nike’s recent Memorial Day Classic, was among a handful of media members that were able to track the versatile forward down for a short question and answer session.

The thing about Singler, is that all he cares about is balling and getting better. Ask him what he does well and he’ll tell you that he’s a playmaker, ask him what he needs to work on most and who he likes to watch and you get just a little more.

“I’m not quite sure about that at this point. I just want to work on every area of my game to make myself the best that I can be,” said Singler of the areas he needs to improve. “I love Dirk Nowitzki, I like him. I like Steve Nash and my all-time favorite is Larry Bird.”

The Medford (OR) South star’s status as one of the top five or so prospects in the country has meant that he’s had to deal with more attention from media and scouts than he’d prefer but he handles it with grace. According to Singler he’s still considering Arizona, Duke, Kansas, UCLA and Washington -- where he’ll visit in a few weeks.

While he lists five schools, the general consensus has been that Duke and UCLA hold a substantial lead over the pack. If they do, Singler says that it is more because he’s gotten a better look at each program and because of that he’s trying to stay open.

“I’ve been to UCLA and I’ve been to Duke so I do have a little bit better feel for those types of schools,” Singler told “As of right now I’m just trying to keep my options open.”

Although he didn’t comment much on the other schools involved, Singler made it clear that he will set up more visits and sources have confirmed that the forward and Kansas are working on setting up a visit in the early fall.

“I want to wait until I can make some official visits (to make a decision),” said Singler. “If the feeling is right and I feel I’m making the right decision and I’ve talked it over with my family and they feel it is the right decision, there is a possibility I could make it sooner.”

Coming from a closely knit family, Singler is preparing himself to leave home and he says that is all about finding a place that has the right feel. As for being guaranteed playing time or anything else, he doesn’t need any of that.

“Going into college I know that I’m going to fight for a starting position or any position,” said Singler. “I’m going to go into any college with that mindset and as of right now that’s no type of factor.”

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