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Being a high profile basketball player means a lot of things. Most of all, it means that a select group of high schoolers are receiving more attention for what they can do on the basketball court than a majority of their classmates are. George Goode has experienced the good and the bad that comes along with being recognized as a potential high major basketball player.

A rising senior at Raytown (MO) South, Goode has heard both the positive and the negative and he does his best to decide what’s valid and what isn’t.

“I’ve heard that I don’t play hard and that I need to get stronger and I shoot too many threes,” said Goode.

Does he agree?

 “Not really. I really do play hard and I don’t think I shoot threes that much.” Goode told Phog.Net. “I know I shoot a few (threes), but I don’t shoot that many. It’s not like I just settle for them the whole game.

“It’s just something I need to get better at.”

Like any other player his age, there are plenty of areas of his game that the six-foot-eight inch combo forward could improve upon. There’s also plenty that he does very well. Few his size can match his shooting prowess from deep. He runs the floor well, he’s improved as a ball handler and he’s an athletic finisher who is much improved as a shot blocker and rebounder.

Not surprisingly, his combination of length and inside/outside scoring ability has attracted several suitors. Because they’ve all stepped up to offer scholarships Goode considers Marquette, Miami (FL), and Missouri to be just ahead of a group that includes Kansas, Illinois, Baylor, UConn, Texas and several other programs.

The question is, exactly how hard is Kansas recruiting Goode?

“Pretty hard, they (Kansas coaches) said they were waiting for my ACT scores before they would offer me” says Goode who recently achieved a qualifying score. “I got my ACT scores in so I don’t know what they are waiting on to offer me.”

After playing with Kansas City Rocktown for years, Goode is lending his services to a few other teams this summer. He’s already played with the Kansas City Keys and this weekend he’ll travel to New York City to play with Minneapolis based Howard Pulley before returning to play with Rocktown during July events. He’ll also make a stop at the Nike All-American camp and as long as Kansas continues to show interest -- assistant coach Tim Jankovich has been handling the bulk of the recruitment -- he’ll be interested.

“It’s a real good school,” said Goode of Kansas. “They get a lot of players to the NBA and stuff like that.”

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