Releford Ready For Big July

Each July college coaches are given two 10 day periods to evaluate potential recruits. As a result, the month has turned into a frenzied one filled with all-star camps run by the major shoe companies and mega tournaments from coast to coast. One of the players set to receive a landslide of attention is Travis Releford.

The talented junior to be at Shawnee Mission (Kan.) Bishop Miege is generally regarded as one of the top 10 players in the class of 2008 and after missing time do to his transfer from Kansas City (Mo.) Central and an ankle injury inquiring eyes will be watching his every move. His summer coach L.J. Goolsby thinks the six-foot-four inch guard is close to 100% and ready to go.

“I think that he’s somewhere around 90 to 95 percent, I’d say a little closer to 90 though,” said Goolsby. “He’s starting to get his legs back under him and he’s got confidence in his ankle and his movement. He should be 100% by the end of July.”

The month will certainly be a busy one for the young star. Starting Thursday he’ll be playing in the Adidas Superstar camp in Atlanta and after that he’ll sandwich a trip to Las Vegas for the Adidas Super 64 between two Kansas City tournaments that he’ll play in with Goolsby’s KC Pump ‘N Run squad.

“I think he’s ready for it, he likes showcasing his talent,” Goolsby told Phog.Net. “He wants to play against the best players in the country. Travis is a competitor and he’s going to get do that this month.”

Since juniors to be were allowed to start taking phone calls from college coaches in the month of June, Releford’s phone has been blowing up. According to Goolsby, several of college basketball’s heavy hitters have called.

“Schools that have called him are Kansas, Duke and North Carolina,” said Goolsby. “I know he’s also talked to UConn, Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, K-State, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech and a bunch of other schools.”

At this point, Releford seems to be taking it all in and enjoying it.

“We’ve talked about it and I don’t even think he’s really thought about who he likes the most,” said Goolsby. “He’s just going with the flow and he likes the fact that he’s getting phone calls.”

While many star players have to be prodded to play to their abilities and prove they belong at the top of the rankings, Releford needs no extra incentive or pushing from his coach.

“I really don’t get too caught up in him proving himself,” said Goolsby. “Travis is just going to do what he does. He’s going to go out and win, make his teammates better and showcase his all-around game and what he can do. As the competition gets better, so does Travis.”

Finally, as Releford prepares for a month where he’ll get just as much attention from those that cover recruiting as he will from those trying to recruit him it wouldn’t be a surprise if those around him were worried about the attention going to the 16 year old’s head.

“Definitely not, it (getting a big head) is something that we’ve discussed,” said Goolsby. “He knows that he has to always stay humble and hungry to succeed. He knows that if he gets complacent that somebody’s going to pass him.”

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