Football: Thursday Night Chat Transcript

It was an eventful night at with Recruiting Coordinator Brandon Blaney joining the chat session and answering questions from subscribers. We bring you the transcript of the Q&A session.

chiguy:: coach, what are our recruiting priorities this year on defense?
(Brandon Blaney):: Well, I think all positions are something we are going to try to recruit. We are always going to look for linebackers, safeties, defensive lineman and cornerbacks. This day and age you have to replace guys year in and year out.

Thejayhawk78:: Are you going to use McAnderson as a tailback?
(BB): Jayhawk 78, I don't think we will rule something like that out. We are going to get our best players on the field.

pferg:: of the newcomers this year, who has looked the most impressive? also, who has been the biggest surprise?
(BB) :: In the workouts....Jake Sharpe does a great job of running around. He came in shape and ready to compete. I've heard Phillip Strozier has been doing a great job in the weight room as well.
(BB) The biggest surprise- I don't know if there have been any big surprises. The only people working out with the guys is our strength staff. I really won't know until the fall. Our strength coach says this is one of the best classes we have brought in so far.

EarthdogFred:: What are the chances of Julian Wright playing some quarterback this season?
(BB):: Earthdog- I think we have a pretty good one under center right now.

Gojhwks1988:: Coach, how much has the bowl appearance helped with recruiting?
(BB):: The bowl game has helped tremendously. When you recruit in the Big 12, it has given us a level of credibilty especially in Kansas. We were the only team in Kansas to make a bowl. We have been attracting recruits in Texas and Oklahoma. The truth of the matter is we work year round to build relationships with these young men.

honk4tad:: John Hadl said on the radio today he thought Kerry Meier could be the best QB we've had in a long, long time -- is that the position of the coaches?
(BB):: We'll find out more about Kerry once the first game happens. He has all the physical tools as well as poise and maturity to be something special. I feel confident once he gets on the field he will step up to expectations.

EarthdogFred:: Do the football players now make fun of the basketball team for never winning a postseason game like the football team does?
(BB):: Earthdog, that's a tough question. I honestly believe, and I think our kids feel the same way. We stand up for excellence in everything we do. We don't want to see those guys lose to anybody. We want to be the best at football, basketball.. I don't care if it's tic-tac-toe. We want to be the best at everything.

chiguy:: coach...who is our main competition in the north?
(BB):: The main competition is a tough question. I'd say everyone is our toughest competition. You have to go in week in and week out and work-out. Our main competition is the team we are going to play the next week.

Gojhwks1988:: Coach, any concerns/reports of negative recruiting because of the NCAA investigation?
(BB):: I haven't heard anything thus far. I can only speak for myself. Talking to members of the staff. We haven't heard anything about negative recruiting.

honk4tad:: who are the most vocal leaders of the team?
(BB):: The most vocal leaders of the team I would say David Ochoa has stepped up. You can see there are going to be some young kids like Darrell Stuckey. Leadership is not necessarily what's said. It's in actions. You can be a great leader without saying anything. Example- Joe Vaughn.

markp68:: Coach, do you see inroads being made for recruiting in Florida?
(BB):: mark.... Earl Mosley recruits Florida. I think he has done a tremendous job building relationships and finding prospects. Earl has done a good job especially in the Tampa-St.Petersburg area.

wolfcastle:: when will we win the north?
(BB):: wolf- We are just worried about Northwestern State right now and being the best we can be. The next week we will worry about Louisiana-Monroe. Football is a lot like life. You can worry about your most important foes out there. If you can live up to your full potential there is nobody you can't beat. We are focused on being the best we can be here at Kansas.

jayfan10:: How about the freshman. Anyone else from 7-7 drills looked impressive?
(BB):: They said the two receivers Tertavian Ingram and Xavier Rambo have looked really good. The tight end, Marc Jones, has been doing great.

CANTU:: With the signings of Tertavian Ingram and Jeremy Terry in 2006 from Florida, are we going to see more push into Florida and perhaps other states like California for the Jayhawks outside of the midwest/Texas areas? Is that a major goal in recruitment currently to expand the recruiting geography?
(BB):: We have recruited both areas for the past few years. We are going to continue to recruit those areas. We got Dominic Roux and Charles Gordon from California. I don't know if we are expanding. In five years we have gone to every corner of this country. We have players from California and managed to get some players from Florida. We have even gone to Canada to get a few players. We are going to continue to recruit the best players we can.

pferg:: how many players are you looking to sign this year?
(BB):: pferg- The NCAA top is going to be around 25. That is what the NCAA max is, but I don't like to go into specific numbers right now.

dmitch:: What are the big selling points when recruiting a kid to Kansas?
(BB):: The biggest one we have is the people. Our players are great. We have great team chemistry. This team has the best chemistry over the past two years than two national championship teams I have been on. When we get a recruit here it makes them feel like they are already part of the family. There is not a campus or community as beautiful or friendly as Lawrence, Kansas.
(BB)::When you step up on the hill and look around--Lawrence, Kansas is an easy place to call home.

A special thanks to Coach Brandon Blaney for his time with subscribers.

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