Day Two of the AAU Nationals

Friday decided there's just too much basketball going on at Disney and beyond to just watch one game. So Day 2 of the 17U Junior Boys Nationals was all about quantity. scoured the Orlando area to check out the prospects KU will be keeping an eye on. 

L.A. Pomlee (2008) – Martin Brothers Select

The day started with another look at 6-7 power forward L.A. Pomlee who’s team absolutely blew the doors off the Manhasset All Stars. There’s one thing you can count on year-after-year at this event – Martin Brothers will have some tough, well-coached kids.

Pomlee only had four points in the 93-54 rout and actually didn’t play most of the fourth quarter. He again, displayed good hands and solid rebounding instinct. The guards in this game had a field day and scored a lot of points off steals. It wasn’t really the type of game for a big man to flourish.

I can’t wait to see this kid a year from now. Currently it’s just Iowa State, Iowa, and Kansas who are recruiting him but I guarantee you after this summer that changes. The Jayhawks are in the mix early in this one and if Pomlee improves like most think he will, it could pay off down the road.

Jordan Theodore (2008) – New York Gauchos

Next it was on to Celebration High School for an 11:30am matchup between the York Stars and the New York Gauchos. The Gauchos don’t have the star power they usually have, but KU head coach Bill Self was in the house to take a peak at 2008 point guard Jordan Theodore.

Theodore is crafty with the ball and word has it he’s a decent shooter though he didn’t perform well from the perimeter in this one. We definitely didn’t see Theodore’s best game, but you can tell he’s a very skilled player. He’s super quick and is an efficient passer off of penetration. Definitely would like another look at him.

At times in this one Theodore was overshadowed by point guard Terrell McKenzie who’s still getting plenty of looks from Big East and ACC schools. Virginia Tech, Georgetown, St. John’s, and Kansas were represented in the crowd.

Mac Koshwal (2007) – Chicago Jaguars

From the opening tip to the final buzzer Koshwal was so impressive. He’s 6-8 and built like a man. On his first shot of the game he made a jab step and then hit a fadeaway jumper on the wing that raised plenty of eyebrows in the crowd. The rumors around Koshwal say he’ll likely choose DePaul. As if it’s not enough to be 6-8 with range that extends beyond the three-point line, Koshwal also has a handle. Twice he ripped down rebounds and led the break. On one particular play he went behind his back in traffic and fired a no-look pass to his teammate for a dunk. That wasn’t a behind the back dribble for show – it was the right play at the right time.

On the defensive end he’s a real presence. I had him for five blocks in this one. This kid is an absolute stud – you name it, he does it.

James Anderson (2007) – Arkansas Wings watched Anderson play two games on Friday and while one game produced a solid effort, the late game produced some lofty numbers.

Anderson got off to a quick start in his first game of the day scoring nine first half points in a variety of ways. It started with a sweet three 30 seconds in from the top. I really like how active Anderson can be on the boards, and again in this one he scored on a putback hoop early. His long arms and anticipation are his biggest assets on defense. He’s not necessarily the best on-the-ball defender but he’s ready to pick off a pass at any moment. There are still a couple of instances where James passes up the open J and dribbles into traffic to take a contested shot. I think that’s a jumper he needs to take and make for him to be successful. He seems like he has the skills to be a great midrange player along with a guy that can take it to the hoop at any time. Nine points for Anderson in this one he did not score in the second half but his team won by a comfortable 18-point margin 65-47. decided to take another look at Anderson in the night session and the Junction City, AR kid did not disappoint. He really got hot in this one and showed the entire package. After watching him play several games now for some reason Anderson seems to get more touches and is involved more when his team plays against a zone. He again had a couple of his patented spurts. In one stretch Anderson stole the ball and made a layup, then pick off the ensuing inbounds and finished with a dunk. He also netted back-to-back three pointers and after one quarter he had eight of the team’s 12 points. This was by far his most active and impressive performance of the week.

On the primary break his teammates found him streaking down the wing, Anderson went up hard looking for a dunk (which I loved), didn’t finish the jam but got the two points nonetheless. Against the zone Anderson either ran the baseline or flashed in the middle at the foul line. I actually think he’s terrific at both spots. When he received the pass in the middle he made one strong dribble and hit a hanger in traffic and got the foul. Again, he’s take the hit and made the hoop several times over the course of the week. He’s stronger than you might think from just looking at him. When he ran the baseline that’s when he connected on back-to-back threes so there are pluses to putting him at each spot against the zone.

He moves very well without the ball and what I liked about this game was how much he seemed to want the ball. Again his rebounding was extraordinary (I had him for seven) and Anderson looked like his body and his game were in complete control at all times.

Anderson finished the first half with 21 points and in the second half posted up his smaller defender several times. He converted two times and was fouled one other possession. As you can tell we saw it all from James in this one who finished with 29 points even after sitting out the last four minutes of the game.

The one thing to keep in mind, not taking away from Anderson’s 29-point effort but the competition wasn’t the greatest in this one. The Wings had easy time dispatching the Southern MD Hoopsters 62-41. Top Stories