eBoss Hoops - 2007 Post Summer Rankings

It's been a few weeks since the club and summer camp season came to an end. After taking some time to review notes and reflect upon what happened during the summer, it's time to update the class rankings.

Standing atop the rankings as he always has is none other than O.J. Mayo. No matter how much some want to knock him or say others surpassed him, Mayo withstood every charge and closed out his final summer by winning an AAU National Championship.

There is no scientific method or magical formula that can be used to rank players so it’s never easy. This is just one person’s take and it is based on trying to weigh high school and summer production, future potential, and how ready a player is for the next level (College) at this time.

As always, these rankings are done for fun and to spark a little bit of conversation. If somebody was overrated, underrated, or left off please don’t read too much into it. They are just my personal thoughts after a long summer and aren’t done for anything other than fun.

Be on the lookout for an updated top 50 for the class of 2008 and 25 to watch from 2009 in the next few days.


  1. O.J. Mayo, 6-5 WG/PG, Cincinnati (OH) North College Hill
  2. Eric Gordon, Jr., 6-4 WG, Indianapolis (IN) North Central- ILLINOIS
  3. Derrick Rose, 6-3 PG, Chicago (IL) Simeon
  4. Kevin Love, 6-9 C, Lake Oswego (OR) High- UCLA
  5. Mike Beasley, 6-8 BF/WF, Lenoir (NC) Patterson School- KANSAS STATE
  6. Kyle Singler, 6-8 WF/BF, Medford (OR) South
  7. Donte Greene, 6-9 BF, Towson (MD) Catholic- SYRACUSE
  8. Anthony Randolph, 6-10 BF/WF, Dallas (TX) Wilson
  9. Jerryd Bayless, 6-3 WG, Phoenix (AZ) St. Mary’s
  10. DeAndre Jordan, 6-11 C, Humble (TX) Christian Life- TEXAS A&M
  11. Billy Walker, 6-6 WF, Cincinnati (OH) North College Hill
  12. Kosta Koufos, 7-0 C, Canton (OH) Glen Oak- OHIO STATE
  13. James Harden, 6-5 WG, Lakewood (CA) Artesia- ARIZONA STATE
  14. Austin Freeman, 6-3 WG, Hyattsville (MD) DeMatha- GEORGETOWN
  15. Nick Calathes, 6-5 WG/PG, Winter Park (FL) Lake Howell- FLORIDA
  16. Jamelle Horne, 6-6 WF, San Diego (CA) High- ARIZONA
  17. Gary Johnson, 6-6 BF, Houston (TX) Aldine- TEXAS
  18. Durrell Summers, 6-4 WG, Redford (MI) Covenant- MICHIGAN STATE
  19. Patrick Patterson, 6-8 BF, Huntington (WV) High
  20. Chris Wright, 6-0 PG, Washington (DC) St. John’s
  21. Nolan Smith, 6-3 WG/PG, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill- DUKE
  22. J.J. Hickson, 6-9 BF, Marietta (GA) Wheeler
  23. Blake Griffin, 6-8 BF, Edmond (OK) Oklahoma Christian- OKLAHOMA
  24. Corey Stokes, 6-5 WG, Newark (NJ) St. Benedict’s- VILLANOVA
  25. E’Twaun Moore, 6-3 WG/PG, East Chicago (IN) Central- PURDUE
  26. Gani Lawal, 6-8 BF, Norcross (GA) High- GEORGIA TECH
  27. LaceDarius Dunn, 6-4 WG, Monroe (LA) Excelsior Christian- BAYLOR
  28. Johnny Flynn, 5-11 PG, Niagara Falls (NY) High- SYRACUSE
  29. Scott Martin, 6-7 WF, Valparaiso (IN) High- PURDUE
  30. Taylor King, 6-7 WF/BF, Santa Ana (CA) Mater Dei- DUKE
  31. Herb Pope, 6-8 BF, Alquippa (PA) High
  32. Austin Daye, 6-8 BF/WF, Irvine (CA) Woodbridge- GONZAGA
  33. James Anderson, 6-6 WF, Juction City (AR) High
  34. Alex Legion, 6-5 WG, Mouth of Wilson (VA) OAK HIL- MICHIGAN
  35. Alex Tyus, 6-8 BF, Cincinnati (OH) Harmony- FLORIDA
  36. Solomon Alabi, 7-0 C, Montverde (FL) Academy
  37. Chris Wright, 6-6 WF, Trotwood (OH) Madison- DAYTON
  38. Darrington Hobson, 6-7 WF, undetermined (TBA)
  39. Jai Lucas, 5-10 PG, Bellaire (TX) High
  40. Kalin Lucas, 5-11 PG, Orchard Lake (MI) St. Mary’s- MICHIGAN STATE
  41. Craig Brackins, 6-9 BF, Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Academy- IOWA STATE
  42. Julian Vaughn, 6-9 BF/C, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill- FLORIDA STATE
  43. Chris Allen, 6-3 WG, Norcross (GA) Meadowcreek- MICHIGAN STATE
  44. Anthony McClain, 6-11 C, Ft. Washington (MD) National Christian
  45. Cole Aldrich, 6-10 C, Bloomington (MN) Jefferson- KANSAS
  46. Tyrel Reed, 6-3 PG/WG, Burlington (KS) High
  47. Matthew Bryan-Amaning, 6-9 BF, South Kent (CT) Prep- WASHINGTON
  48. Keenan Ellis, 6-10 BF, Undetermined (TBA)
  49. JaJuan Johnson, 6-9 BF/C, Indianapolis (IN) Franklin Central- PURDUE
  50. Dallas Lauderdale, 6-9 BF/C, Solon (OH) High- OHIO STATE
  51. James Johnson, 6-7 WF/BF, Cheyenne (WY) East
  52. Evan Turner, 6-6 WF, Westchester (IL) St. Joseph’s- OHIO STATE
  53. George Goode, 6-8 BF/WF, Raytown (MO) South
  54. Laron Dendy, 6-8 BF, Pickens (SC) Prince Avenue Prep- CLEMSON
  55. Dorenzo Hudson, 6-4 WG, Chatham (VA) Hargrave
  56. Robbie Hummel, 6-7 WF, Valparaiso (IN) High- PURDUE
  57. Senario Hillman, 6-2 WG, Irwinton (GA) Wilkinson Co.- ALABAMA
  58. Tracy Smith, 6-7 BF, Durham (NC) Mt. Zion
  59. Mamadou Diarra, 6-10 BF/C, Tiera Rejada (CA) Stoneridge Prep
  60. Corey Fisher, 5-11 PG, Elizabeth (NJ) St. Patrick’s- VILLANOVA
  61. Darquavis Tucker, 6-4 WF, Saginaw (MI) Arthur Hill
  62. Corperryale Harris, 6-4 WG, Detroit (MI) Redford- MICHIGAN
  63. Darnell Gant, 6-8 BF, Los Angeles (CA) Crenshaw
  64. Jon Diebler, 6-6 WF/WG, Upper Sandusky (OH) High- OHIO STATE
  65. Chace Stanback, 6-6 WF, Los Angeles (CA) Fairfax- UCLA
  66. Jeff Teague, 6-2 PG/WG, Indianapolis (IN) Pike
  67. Antonio Jardine, 6-2 WG/PG, Philadelphia (PA) Neumann- SYRACUSE
  68. Braxton Dupree, 6-8 C, Towson (MD) Calvert Hall- MARYLAND
  69. Brandon McGee, 6-7 BF/WF, Chicago (IL) Crane- INDIANA
  70. Chandler Parsons, 6-8 BF/WF, Winter Park (FL) Lake Howell
  71. Drew Viney, 6-6 WF, Villa Park (CA) High- CALIFORNIA
  72. Daniel Hackett, 6-4 WG, Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco- SOUTHERN CAL
  73. Trevor Mbakwe, 6-7 BF, Minneapolis (MN) Henry Sibley- MARQUETTE
  74. Dante Jackson, 6-5 WG, Greenfield (OH) McClain- XAVIER
  75. Isaiah Thomas, 5-9 WG/PG, University Place (WA) Curtis- WASHINGTON
  76. Ravern Johnson, 6-6 WF, Clarksdale (MS) Coahoma Co.- MISSISSIPPI STATE
  77. Nayal “Mac” Koswal, 6-8 BF, Chicago (IL) Boys to Men
  78. Jeff Allen, 6-6 BF, Chatham (VA) Hargrave- VIRGINIA TECH
  79. Eric Wallace, 6-6 WF, Chatham (VA) Hargrave- VIRGINIA
  80. DeJuan Blair, 6-6 BF, Pittsburgh (PA) Schenley
  81. Kodi Augustus, 6-7 WF/BF, Lee (ME) Academy- MISSISSIPPI STATE
  82. Dominique Sutton, 6-5 WF, Lenoir (NC) Patterson
  83. Eshaunte Jones, 6-3 WG, Ft. Wayne (IN) North Side
  84. Jeff Jones, 6-3 WG, Drexel Hill (PA) Monsignor Bonner
  85. Corey Chandler, 6-2 PG, Newark (NJ) Eastside- RUTGERS
  86. Ayodele Coker, 6-9 C, South Kent (CT) Prep
  87. Edwin Rios, 6-0 PG/WG, Undetermined (TBA)- MIAMI (FL)
  88. Demetri McCamey, 6-3 WG/PG, Westchester (IL) St. Joseph- ILLINOIS
  89. Eli Holman, 6-8 BF/C, Richmond (CA) High
  90. Alexis Wangmene, 6-9 BF, San Antonio (TX) Central Catholic
  91. Omondi Amoke, 6-6 WF, Oxnard (CA) High- CALIFORNIA
  92. Rico Pickett, 6-2 WG/PG, Decatur (AL) High- ALABAMA
  93. Maurice Miller, 6-2 PG, Memphis (TN) Raleigh-Egypt
  94. Jeremy Price, 6-8 C, Decatur (GA) Columbia- GEORGIA
  95. Mike Tisdale, 6-11 C/BF, Riverton (IL) High- ILLINOIS
  96. Jarryd Cole, 6-7 BF, Kansas City (MO) Winnetonka- IOWA
  97. Leonard Washington, 6-6 BF, Lake Charles (LA) Washington
  98. Kenyan Harmon, 6-6 WF, Lenoir (NC) Patterson School- CHARLOTTE
  99. Jordan Crawford, 6-5 WG, Chatham (VA) Hargrave
  100. Malcolm White, 6-7 BF, Millersburg (KY) Military Academy

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