Kansas Keeping Tabs on St. Louis Area Guard

Standing nearly 6-7 with his slender build and afro haircut, Scott Suggs has drawn comparisons to Atlanta Hawk Josh Childress for a while now. Like Childress, Suggs has big time potential but he's a completely different player and the Washington (MO) High junior is attracting attention for what he's doing on the court.

A long and smooth athlete, Scott Suggs is an excellent ball handler who shoots with range, passes, and has a developed mid range game. But, It’s his ability to play the point or swing out to the wing and play as a scorer that is causing college coaches to salivate. Credit his father Ron with an assist that helped him to develop his point guard skills.

“It’s definitely something that I’ve worked at,” said Suggs. “When I was little they tried to put me in the post because I was taller than the other kids. My dad told them to put me at the point instead and I’ve been playing that ever since I was little.”

So far this Fall, schools like North Carolina, Purdue, Illinois, Bradley and St. Louis have already been by while the likes of Missouri, Washington, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, UConn, Clemson, Wisconsin, Florida, Duke, Stanford and many others are planning to stop by or have expressed interest.

Kansas is also on the list of schools that are involved after assistant Tim Jankovich recently stopped by to watch a workout and Suggs says he’s fairly familiar with the Jayhawk program.

“I know a lot about Coach Self and of course Brandon Rush,” Suggs told Phog.Net. “I used to work out with one of his old AAU coaches Al Collins when we used to live in Kansas City.”

Aside from the visit, Suggs – who had planned to attend Late Night in the Phog but will now visit for a game due to a scheduling conflict – has also had some conversations with the Kansas staff and it sounds like he’ll be getting another visit from a Jayhawk staffer in the near future.

“We’ve had conversations about basketball and how this year is going,” said Suggs. “I usually talk to Coach Jankovich. I’ve also talked to Coach Self and he’s coming back out to watch me next Tuesday.”

Having recently visited the campuses of both Illinois and Missouri, Suggs also plans to set up a visit to North Carolina and perhaps other schools in the Chapel Hill area if possible. But, he’s far from deciding on a list of favorites and is just working on getting stronger and improving – he’s usually in the gym by 7 AM and has a personal trainer – and looking forward to his junior year.

Now that he’s been targeted as a high level recruit, Suggs knows that the onus will be on him to produce and lead his team. It’s a task that he feels up to.

“I feel more comfortable with it now,” said Suggs. “Last year I struggled with it a little coming off of my freshman year where sometimes seniors felt they should be scoring more. Sophomore year it wasn’t as bad. I had to work at it a lot because I was pretty quiet. Now I feel more comfortable because I’ve worked on it.”

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