Meet Delvon Roe

It's never tough to understand why top programs are heavily recruiting a top five talent like Delvon Roe. The 6-7 forward from Lakewood (OH) St. Edward's has proven himself time and time again as an inside/out threat who gets after it on both ends of the court, and he does so at a very high level.

Talented on the court, he’s also a smart kid who is more concerned with fundamentals and playing hard than playing to the crowd or getting his.

“I’m the type of player that is going to outwork you on the court,” Delvon Roe told “I’m going to go out there and get after it on both ends and I won’t back down.”

An effortless scorer, what makes Roe so attractive is that he is able to put up huge numbers without forcing bad shots. He’s skilled in the low post, runs the floor, can shake defenders to free up space for his smooth southpaw jumper and he’s an excellent finisher in the open court.

“My low post game and my ability to run the floor and get offensive rebounds are strengths,” said Roe. “I think that my mid range game is becoming a strength along with my defense.”

Looking into Roe’s background, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s developed into one of the most highly recruited prospects in the country. His father played college hoops and his sister played in the WNBA so it’s only natural for him to excel. While he admits that some of what he does is just natural ability, he gives his father a lot of credit for getting him to focus on the most important parts of the game at a young age.

“I say that my game is natural and a lot of it comes from my father,” says the 17 year old. “At a young age he was working with me on my fundamentals and getting better by practice. Most kids just want to go out there and work on their crossover dribble or dunks. That’s not me.”

Having been pursued by some of the top programs in the country since starting high school, Roe says that it feels good to look in the stands and see head coaches taking notes on what he’s doing. It also validates the way he’s gone about making himself a prospect.

“It makes me feel real good to see the coaches because I feel like I’m doing the right thing,” said Roe. “It says that they are watching me for doing the right things on the court and even off the court in the classroom.”

Although he’s spent most of his time in high school at the power forward position, Roe has proven that he can play the small forward at a high level. But, unlike many four men who are hell bent on proving that they belong on the perimeter, Roe is happy to play wherever his best matchup is. It’s also what coaches are selling to him when they recruit him.

“Coaches really consider me as a basketball player and not really a power or small forward,” said Roe. “I’m a three/four who can do a lot of things depending on the matchups. If I have a bigger guy I can beat him outside or I can score on smaller guys inside.”

Having already visited Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina and Ohio State the only school on his list that he hasn’t visited is Kansas. However, Roe does plan on visiting Lawrence before making a decision. In the meantime he’s been doing his research on the Jayhawks and everybody else.

“I’m going to try and visit Kansas in the spring,” said Roe. “I know everything about Kansas. They are a big program like North Carolina and they’ve got a reputation for being a great program. There’s a lot of tradition and they’ve got a great atmosphere out there. I’ve been doing my research.”

According to Roe, Jayhawks head man Bill Self has taken charge of his recruitment.

“He is an outgoing guy and he expects his players to be great on and off the court,” said Roe of Self. “He likes athletic wing players and he thinks that I can help get Kansas back into the national championship game.”

While he’s enjoyed the recruiting process, Roe is pretty sure that he’s set with his five schools and he’s not planning on opening things up. He’d also like to make a spring decision but for now he’s going to shift his focus back to his high school team.

“It’s Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina and Kansas,” said Roe. “I think I’ll make a decision at the end of the season into the spring. I have a commitment with my high school team right now and I’m trying not to worry about that stuff so I can focus on trying to win that state championship.” Top Stories