A.J. Steward Talks In-Depth of his Decision

Riverview Gardens High School in St. Louis, (Mo.) is the home to the newest verbal commitment for the Kansas Jayhawks. A. J. Steward talks of his decision, and his head coach talks in-depth of his Division-1 athlete as well.

"He's got great character," coach John Atwell said. "Hardworker. Understands about at this level being the biggest level in St. Louis or the state of Missouri the year round commitment. He's a three-sport letterman, varsity which makes it even more special for him to have put in time cause he never has an off-season."

"His first main goal was to go to school AND play football. He would have taken any position, but ideally he wanted to play quarterback. He thought he could, and I knew he could. Kansas was interested in him as a quarterback, and the recruiting coach was actually the quarterback coach. He could tell that he had the stuff to make a good quarterback, so they were giving him that opportunity."

"He wasn't locked into any school in particular as far as he wanted to play in the Big East or Big Twelve or down South or anything. He didn't have any hold ups like that where he wanted to go to a certain school. He just wanted to play football, and they were giving him that opportunity." Steward's senior season was very successful as his coach told of his season.

"He threw for over 1,500 and rushed for over 1,000 yards and the thing that makes it even more special is that he was a starting safety for us also," Atwell said. "Most quarterbacks, especially at this level, none of them play both ways. He was a two-way starter so he couldn't just sit back. He had a lot to learn and to keep up with each week, so that's a tribute to him. He tied for first in the conference with interceptions. He had 7 interceptions and a couple of games he had a couple in the game."

A.J. Steward joined us as well to give us a liitle bio of his career.

"I've been playing since I was seven," A.J. Steward said. 'My first year of playing quarterback was my freshman year. I was playing running back."

Steward was happy for the position change and stars in two other sports as well, and we asked of any college aspirations of more than one sport.

"Right now it's strictly football, but I would really like to play baseball if they let me," he said.

Steward's spring sport position is shortstop and his batting average is .378.

The gunslinger talks about the thought process behind his college decision.

"It really meant a lot that the coach who was recruiting me was the quarterback coach and they were really interested in me playing quarterback because all the other schools were going to bring me in as an athlete," Steward said. "I really have aspirations of playing quarterback in college, so that was really the biggest thing. I went up there, and I really liked the environment, real positive. I liked the fans and the stadium. I like everything about it."

Steward plans to take his official visit in December.

Stay tuned as we invite Steward in for a moderated chat session with Phog.net in the coming weeks.

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