Osby Interested In Kansas, Others

These days, there are a lot of kids out there who see school as nothing more than a tool that allows them to play basketball. That isn't the case for Meridien (MS) Northeast Lauderdale's Romero Osby.

The 6-7 junior is a serious student who would like to one day major in electrical engineering and with a father who is a teacher and a grandmother who is a principal, his dedication to academics isn’t likely to change soon.

That being said, Romero Osby is an impressive basketball player and schools have started to take plenty of notice.

“Compared to two years ago, things have really picked up with my recruitment and the attention I’ve gotten,” Osby told Phog.Net. “Now it’s been a lot more head coaches and first assistants coming out to watch me play.”

A strong wing who has developing a nice perimeter game, Osby isn’t a big guy who is just masquerading on the perimeter. He can shoot the ball coming off screens, has improved his ball handling and does an excellent job of setting up his teammates. Despite averaging in the neighborhood of 26 points, 11 rebounds and five assissts or so a game to lead his team to a 10-3 start (they started 2-4 last year), Osby isn’t satisfied.

“I think I could do better rebounding the ball,” said Osby. “I’d like to get up to more like 16 or 17 rebounds a game and I think I could get some more assists in there too.”

Ask the personable Osby for a school list and he’ll rattle off an impressive roster of schools who have been down to see him this winter. Texas, Florida, Memphis, Tennessee, Alabama, Michigan State, Georgia Tech and several others have been involved.

Included among his most aggressive suitors is Bill Self’s Kansas program, and Osby has reciprocal interest.

“They’ve shown me a high level of interest and both Coach Self and Coach Dooley have been down,” said Osby. “I really like Kansas. Whenever anybody asks me for my favorites they are always the first or second school that I mention.”

Osby is also careful to qualify his remarks and point out that he isn’t calling Kansas  his leader when he says that.

“Now that doesn’t mean that they are my favorite because I still need to see the campus and others to decide that, but that will come with time,” said Osby. “It’s just the tradition and Kansas is one of those schools you grow up watching on t.v. To get recruited and offered by a program like that is an honor.”

So, exactly what will Osby be looking for when it comes time to decide his favorites?

“There’s a lot of things that will be important, but one will be if I can play my natural position and be a two or a three,” said Osby. “Also the style of play, if I’ll be able to get out and run or not.”

According to Osby he wouldn’t mind having a school picked out by the end of the summer. At the very least, he’ll know who he is going to visit officially and there’s a pretty good chance that Kansas ends up on that list. In the meantime he’s looking forward to a solid second half of the year and will remain in contact with Self and Dooley.

“Coach Dooley and Coach Self text me often,” said Osby. “They can only call once a month but we talk when we can and other than that they send texts.”

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