Justin Springer Switches Commitment

Justin Springer said, "I think I might check out Kansas just out of respect." It paid off for the Jayhawks as Springer switched his commitment from Arizona State. The Los Fresnos, Texas linebacker receives a rave review from his high school position coach.

"He's been a pleasure to coach," said Justin Springer's defensive coordinator Jason Wheeler. "Real smart football player. One of the hardest workers on our team. That helps when you have a lot of athletic ability, and you are also a hard worker."

"He was basically the leader on our defense this year because we had to play five or six sophomores on a 5A team. He was the rock of our team."

"He watches a lot of film and is just a very talented athlete. He was good against the run and the pass. I was able to move him around a little bit, just tried to keep people off him so he can run and make plays. He always seemed to step up in big games. He's one of the better defensive players I've coached in the past 14 years I've been coaching at the high school level."

"Sometimes we would blitz him off the end like a defensive end. We play a scheme where you have two inside linebackers, and there are times where we would move him from one of those two positions from the Mike linebacker position or the Will."

When asked Springer's biggest strength Wheeler replied, "Probably, well, he is driven to be one of the best linebackers he can be. His work ethic is probably his best quality about him. Even after the season is over, both him and his brother, were out pushing cars and lifting after the season is over. Most kids that are seniors they will take a couple of months off before they start getting back in shape, but they don't do that. Just his work ethic would probably be his best quality."

Coach Wheeler shared his opinion as to why Springer made the switch from Arizona State to the Jayhawks.

"I think with Kansas he knew he had a good possibility to redshirt," he said. "He's a very sharp student, so that gives him an extra year in the classroom. I know that was a big deal because I think Arizona State, even though it's good to be able to play early in your career, but also you've got to weigh out the benefits of being redshirted which gives you another year if he wants to work on his masters or something."

"He just went with his gut feeling. That's all you can do when you go on a recruiting trip. He felt like overall they may have had a better team. He's a sharp kid, and he's going to go with what he thinks is best for him. Anybody else is going to say that's one thing that he has always been, a leader. He's going to do what he thinks is best for him."

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