By the Numbers: Colorado at Kansas

After Kansas' return to dominance Wednesday night, Allen Fieldhouse likely won't be a friendly place for the Buffaloes to roam on Saturday.  Here's a breakdown of each team's efficiency rankings and some of the game dynamics we can expect for Saturday's matchup.

Highlighted Efficiency Rankings
Note: There are 336 Div-I teams


  • Offense #49 - Defense #3 - Tempo #96
  • Ranks #8 in eFG% allowed and #4 in 2FG% allowed
  • Ranks #50 in eFG%
  • Ranked #37 in forcing TO's by opponents, including #19 in STL
  • Dominates the blocking game, #2 in BLK and #38 in avoiding BLK
  • Ranks #311 in % of FGA's that are 3FG

Individual Player Highlights: (thru Jan 21, 2007)



  • Offense #229 - Defense #160 - Tempo #17
  • Very weak on both sides of eFG% category: #302 shooting, #306 allowed
  • In particular, 3FG% disadvantage on both sides: #329 shooting, #314 allowed
  • Turn it over too often (#261)
  • Poor FT shooting (#251 – 65.6%)

Individual Player Highlights: (thru Jan 21, 2007)

Other Efficiency Notes:

  • On offense, KU relies extremely heavily on 2FG's, while its opponents rely very heavily on 3FG's.
  • On offense, CU relies less than the average amount on 3FG's, while its opponents rely more on 2FG's at the expense of 3FG’s.

Game Outlook

Here are some things we can reasonably expect:

  • This will be an uptempo game.
  • Although KU should score with relative ease, the expected blowout will be due more to CU’s inability to score.
  • CU will be prone to lots of turnovers, which means we can expect KU to get plenty of fast break opportunities.
  • Considering that all shooting categories favor KU anyway, the expected fast breaks will push KU’s shooting percentage sky high.
  • The closest thing to an advantage for CU will be that they have several good shot blockers.  The problem is that KU typically does a great job of avoiding blocks, especially at home.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks Colorado has a decent shot at winning this game.  The question in most people’s minds will be how impressive the Jayhawks will look.  The Buffaloes’ style plays right into the hands of the Jayhawks, and the game is being played in Allen Fieldhouse.  If this game is still in question at the half, CU will have done more than anyone could have asked of them. Top Stories