Jonathan Wilson Signs Letter of Intent

Wide receiver Jonathan Wilson gave his verbal pledge to the Kansas Jayhawks last month. His head football coach, Ken Hammock from Houston-Klein Forest, Texas, discussed the senior with

"John is a real good natural athlete," Hammock said. "He has a lot of athletic ability. When you have a kid like that, you don't do much coaching (laugh). Jonathan is able to read coverages and knows how to change routes according to the weakness of the coverage. Not all your high school kids or teams know how to do that."

Jonathan Wilson is listed at 6-1, 175-pounds, but coach Hammock says that's debatable.

"That is what Kansas says, but they are pretty tough on the height. When you see him I guarantee you he is every bit of 6-2-6-3," Hammock said.

Coach Hammock described what he sees for Wilson at the next level.

"The sky is the limit for John," he said. "You'll see. He is going to make plays up there. He has the ability to go up and get the football. You can throw it up in a crowd, and he's going to go up and get it. He's a really good basketball player (guard) for our basketball team. He's got good athletic ability."

Coach Hammock also shared with us what he believes Wilson will improve upon when he becomes a Jayhawk.

"I would say speed," Hammock explained. "Early on he was a 4.7 (40-yard dash), and he worked on it in track and got it down to a 4.58. What he needs to work on is the 175 pounds. That is of course because he's playing basketball and running everywhere. He is going to get bigger. He is going to be a big man. He has never had an offseason because he played basketball. When he gets up there, and there is no more basketball, and he's lifting weights that will only improve his speed."

Wilson recorded 39 receptions in 2006 and almost every third catch was a touchdown with 12. His 39 catches were worth 788 total yards. Top Stories