Kingwood - Kansas Prospects Galore

Kansas was well represented with head coach Bill Self and assistants Joe Dooley and Kurtis Townsend all on hand and moving from gym to gym checking out the talent and there was no shortage for them to watch.

The Kingwood Classic is really an impressive event. With 753 teams in town, a whopping 300 or so of them are taking part in the 17 and under age bracket. Not surprisingly, that means gyms loaded with talented players and college coaches.


J'Mison "Bobo" Morgan - In order for him to be at his most effective on the offensive end, the 6-10 center needs to be given some time to set up shop in the paint. However, the spring ball scene doesn’t exactly lend itself to running sets and investing time in establishing the big guy. He’s a big kid who has done a tremendous job of improving his body, plays hard, has pretty good low post footwork and soft hands. He’s a guy that the Jayhawk staff will continue to watch with interest down the road.

Willie Warren - The 6-4 Texan showed some good things and struggled at times. He’s a big, strong kid who can dribble pretty well and he’s capable of creating space for his shot whenever he needs it. About his shot, he shoots it from off his shoulder and really has more of a set shot than a true jumper. He lacks nothing for confidence and is clearly a priority recruit for the Jayhawks. When asked about schools, Warren declined to speak in very much detail about any school and indicated that he was slowing things down a little because he and his mom thought his recruitment was starting to move a little too fast.

Rotnei Clarke - It looks like he’s grown a little bit and he’s probably a legitimate, or close it, six feet tall now. He’s also a big time shooter who gets his shot off quick and has extremely deep range. The most impressive part of his game is how much he’s improved off of the dribble and he’s very creative in getting his shot off. He takes pretty good care of the ball, but he isn’t a huge assist guy. He’s out there to score, and he’s pretty darn effective at it and because of that he’s tough to ignore.

L.A. Pomlee - Before he missed his junior year due to a blood clot in his leg, the 6-8 lefty was drawing lots of high level looks. Back in action, the athletic forward from Iowa showed some very nice flashes. He runs well, can block some shots and has promising looking shooting -- in particular along the baseline -- to around 12 feet. Some added weight would really help him out, but all in all it was a pretty good showing for somebody that is clearly removing the rust from his game.

Brandon Jennings - If there’s a positon that’s being hated on at the Kingwood, it’s got to be the point guard position. However, Brandon Jennings is a notable exception. The 6-2 lefty, is hands  down the best point guard in attendance and it’s not even close. Will he frustrate you at times because he doesn’t always seem to go 100 percent? Absolutely. But, he’ll drop your jaw more times because of his spectacular ability. He’s got NBA range on his jumper, and the quickness with which he explodes into it is impressive. A clever and creative passer, he’s extremely dangerous while on the move. If, and when, he truly commits himself to playing to his capabilities at all times and gets a bit stronger, there isn’t going to be much of anything that can be done to shut him down.

Xavier Henry - There’s not much question that the now 6-6 and more filled out two guard is one of the premier players in the class of 2009. He’s got deep range on his sweet lefty jumper, a terrific frame and he plays with plenty of confidence. More important than that, he has added the dimension of being able to consistently beat defenders off of the dribble. Henry has a nicely developing mid range game and more than enough athleticism to finish among the trees. Bill Self, Roy Williams and John Calipari made sure they were noticed watching him.

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