2009 Intro - Elijah Johnson

Playing club basketball is all about going out and playing against the top players from around the country and getting exposure. In that regard, Elijah Johnson has the used the month of April to his advantage. The six-foot-two inch combo guard from Las Vegas (NV) Cheyenne has established himself as one of the top guards in the class of 2009, all while playing with the Houston Hoops.

So, how exactly does a kid from Vegas end up running with a team based out of Houston?

“That’s just the team that I wanted to play with,” said Johnson. “I’ve known the program for a while, my cousins played for them and I like they way they play so I came to play with them.”

The Hoops aren’t likely to be the only team that Johnson plays with. In fact, the athletic guard is expected to be in Lawrence, KS this weekend with Anthony Brown’s Las Vegas prospects to compete in the Jayhawk Invitational. The easy going 16 year old thinks that he’s caught evaluators and coaches off guard with his game.

“ I’m surprising, I know when a lot of people see me, they already know about the five star players like Brandon (Jennings)  and they’re like who is he?,” Johnson told Phog.Net. “Never seen him, never heard of him and now I’m here so I know it’s a surprise.”

An excellent athlete who can dunk just about anything once he gets close to the rim, Johnson is far from reliant on his quickness and leaping ability. Actually, he plays with great control and takes a lot of pride in setting up teammates.

“I like controlling the game and my team, making sure everybody has their composure down,” said Johnson. “I need to work on my pull-up jump shot, it’s got to get better.”

Not surprisingly, Johnson’s recruitment has started to take off as well.

“Off the top, Iowa State and then UCLA that’s who is recruiting me the hardest but I like everybody,” said Johnson of who has been in contact. “There’s a couple more schools that are talking to me like Kansas and Texas.”

According to Johnson, he hadn’t really spoken until Kansas -- who sent assistant Kurtis Townsend out to watch him twice during the high school season -- until recently.

“I finally heard from them a couple of days ago,” said Johnson of Kansas. “They called to say that they were coming to check me out.”

Asked if he had a childhood favorite or a dream school, Johnson mentioned two schools that he enjoys watching.

“I really like to watch Kansas play,” said Johnson. “Texas too.”

As for a decision or setting a firm list of schools, the sophomore says it’s something that he and his father haven’t even started talking about.

“My dad and I haven’t talked about it yet,” says Johnson. “It’s still really early.”

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