Suggs Wide Open

After losing much of his junior season at Washington (MO) High due to a broken wrist, the month of April was an important one for Scott Suggs. The smooth 6-6 junior wing played in front of large crowds of coaches each time he took the floor.

While it would have been easy to get caught up taking attendance, Suggs managed to focus on his play as he works towards solidifying a list of schools he’ll choose from in the coming weeks.

“You can kind of just sense that there are a whole bunch of coaches there,” said Suggs. “You have to kind of try and go out there and just play and try not to think to much about them.”

A tall shooter with range to the three point line, Suggs can also put the ball on the floor and has a well developed midrange game. His midrange game combined with his length and playmaking abilities have coaches from all across the country salivating.

Among those who have been watching are programs like Clemson, Florida, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Purdue, St. Louis, Wisconsin and many others. Despite all of the attention, Suggs insists that he’s wide open and has yet to cut his list down to a more manageable group.

“I still haven’t even decided a top ten or anything like that,” Suggs told “I’m probably going to get it down to that in another week or so and will talk to my parents and coaches about that.”

According to Suggs -- who is expected in Lawrence with the St. Louis Eagles for the Jayhawk Invitational that starts this evening -- Clemson and Wisconsin have been the most active in his recruitment lately but he has also spoken with coaches at Kansas.

“The last time we just talked about how the recruiting process is going,” said Suggs. “We talked about school, family and hoops. It’s pretty much like that with everybody.”

Coming from a very close knit family, it’s been rumored that location will play a key factor in the 17 year old’s decision. Suggs denied that, though, and cited playing style as a more important factor when it comes to narrowing things down.

“Right now location isn’t really anything,” said Suggs. “I’d like to go to a school that fits my style that I like to play and gets up and down.”

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