2009 Introduction - Williams Flies Onto Radar

Watch Rodney Williams play basketball and it's hard to believe that the 6-5 wing from New Hope (MN) Robbinsdale Cooper is only 15 years old. The long and lanky sophomore has deep range on his shot, runs the floor and takes the floor with loads of confidence after some early struggles with his club team Howard Pulley.

Perhaps some of that confidence stems from his ridiculous athleticism. There are dunkers, and then there are guys who send players and fans from other courts scrambling to his court because they hear a constant symphony of Oohs and Aahs and want to be part of the action..

“It get a little from both my parents, they both played basketball back when they were in high school,” said Rodney Williams of his game and hops. “My athleticism is my strength. It’s nice to know I can use it if I need to.”

Although his athleticism is impressive, Williams brings a lot more to the table than just explosive dunking ability. He takes good care of the ball, knocks down open looks and has a burgeoning mid range game. Add in his youth and the likelihood that he’s going to grow another inch or two and you’ve got a bigtime prospect.

Early in the recruiting process Williams has already heard from hometown Minnesota , Wisconsin , Iowa State , Penn State and others. Among the other schools to check in on Williams is Kansas .

“They came to my school a couple of times,” said Williams of the Jayhawks involvement. “They haven’t seen me play except for last month and last weekend when we were in Kansas .”

Still new to pretty much everybody on his list, Williams does see some initial things he likes about Bill Self’s Jayhawks.

“I know they send a lot of people to the NBA,” Williams told Phog.Net. “They’ve got a good program and they graduate a lot of kids.”

According to Williams, it’s far too early to name favorites and he wants to take his time with the recruitment process. He has done some initial research on schools, but for now he’s more focused on building up his game and hopes that his added confidence will allow him to continue his development into a high level prospect.

“I’m a lot more confident now,” said Williams. “Earlier in the season I was nervous to shoot a lot and do what I knew I could do. Now I’m not.”

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