Osby: Lots of Offers, Lots to Prove

Romero Osby is a young man who finds himself amidst a typical tug of war. The 6-7 forward at Meridian (MS) Northeast Lauderdale has played his way into scholarship offers, but it seems no two people can agree where he should play. More from Phog.net's Hank Hoffman, inside.

Listed by most as a WF/PF, PF/WF or just a straight PF, there are factions representing each viewpoint.

The uncertainty was illustrated at last weekend's Tournament of Champions in North Carolina. Osby at times struggled with his quickness and dribbling on the perimeter, to the extent that the straight-PF folks appeared to be correct. But then he also made a couple of nice passes off the dribble, and he buried a few medium-range jump shots. Now, given additional room to grow as a handler and defender, is it really unreasonable to believe Osby could one day develop into a pure wing?

Whatever others have to say, there's no doubt in Osby's mind what position he'd like to play.

"I can play either forward position, but to play professional basketball I'll need to be a wing, if I can make it that far," Osby said. "I know what people say about my position and I can't do anything about, but I'm definitely not just a power forward. I'm really more of a wing."

While Osby may be determined to say -- and prove -- that he can be an effective full-time perimeter player, the major college programs giving chase don't seem to care. He's just a player, one with good strength, skills, intangibles and an appetite to make himself better.

Having established all that, it's no surprise to hear Osby spout off his list of schools.

"I've still got a lot of people on me, " Osby said, "like Louisville, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Carolina, Mississippi State, Florida, Alabama, LSU, UCLA and USC. I've pretty much got offers from everyone except for Florida and maybe Carolina."

A list that long begs for further clarification, and surely there's no way for that many programs to stand on equal footing. While Osby was reluctant to name any leaders, he did say that three schools are recruiting him hardest.

"I'd say Louisville, Mississippi State and Kansas are the ones coming at me most," he said, while adding after that Kentucky also has increased its pursuit as well.

When asked specifically about his status with KU, Osby said that Bill Self had made a couple of trips to his high school, and that he was excited to be wanted that much by a big-time program.

More than most kids in the Class 2008, Osby believes he has something to prove. An injury kept him out of action last summer, so many scouts watched this spring for the first time in many months. For that reason, his ranking and, again, the position issue, are more volatile than for most of his peers.

Osby himself just want to play well, as well as dictate the terms of his own future.

"I feel like I have so much more to prove," he said, "just as far as how good I am and where I play. I'm just a player, no matter if people want to put a certain position on me."

The debate about Osby's future spot in the lineup will continue during the summer. He said he's going to Atlanta for a series of workouts in June, and that he'll attend the NBA Camp, Nike's Kobe Camp (for shooting guards!), plus the Rbk U. Camp and team events with Southeast Elite in July.

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