Kansas Rates Very Well On Dupree's Scale

Phog.net had the opportunity to talk to Dallas (TX) Skyline High School Linebacker/ DE, Alfred Dupree about his recruitment and what his interest in Kansas is.

With outstanding performances the last few years by the Kansas defense, Kansas coaches are having a much easier time recruiting high profile players in high schools across the country. One such player is stud LB/DE, Alfred Dupree from Dallas Skyline High School. Coach Beck has not only got the stud LB interested in Kansas, he has them scoring very well in Dupree’s rating scale that gauges his interest.

“Right now I would say, Kansas rates 7 out of 10 as far as my interest,” said Dupree. “I really like Kansas. I know they have a lot of guys from Texas.”

So far, Dupree is impressed with the way Kansas is recruiting him and feels that he could add a lot to the defense. I agree with Alfred. With his great athleticism and ability to fly to the ball, Dupree could have the opportunity to help the Kansas defense from the day he steps on campus. The way that Coach Young allows his LB’s to locate and chase the ball could be one reason Dupree may decide to play at Kansas.

“Defense scheme is important to me,” Dupree said on his future school choice. “It will be a big factor in my decision. I also want to go to a program where I have a chance to play soon. Coaches and the players on the team are other factors I’m looking at.”

The competition will be tough for the Jayhawks, however. Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M are just some of the Big XII school that are interested in Dupree. Add SEC school like Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, and LSU, and you can see why it will be tough for the Jayhawks. It does look as if the Jayhawks will get a visit this summer though.

“Right now, I think I have 22 offers,” Dupree added. “I’m going to Oklahoma State on Thursday. I was going to go to SMU’s camp on Friday but I’ll be visiting OSU then. I plan on visiting Kansas in the middle of the summer. Some of my teammates are visiting other schools, like Alabama, so I’m going to try to ride with them.”

With the outstanding defenses and linebackers that Kansas has put on the field the last few years, Dupree is exactly the kind of athlete that Kansas needs to keep the momentum going. High School players all around Big XII land are now taking notice of the great job Kansas is doing in building one of the best defensive teams in the country. Dupree would go a long way in keeping the Kansas defense as one of the best in the country.

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