Morse Making the Rounds, Waiting for Offers

New Columbia Rockbridge QB, Jake Morse, spent a few minutes speaking with about where he will be traveling and what schools are looking to offer.

Jake Morse isn’t just sitting by the pool and relaxing before starting his senior year at his new high school, Columbia (MO) Rock Bridge. He is too busy visiting schools, hitting camps, and working on his game to ensure that he is ready for the upcoming football season. Jake also has a pretty good sized list of Big XII and Big 10 schools that are just on the cusp of offering the 6’2” 185 lbs QB.

Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Minnesota are school that I’ve talked to lately”, Morse said.  “I leave tomorrow morning to go to Colorado’s one day camp and then I will go straight to Minnesota’s camp too.”

Jake is looking to impress coaches at Colorado and Minnesota just like he recently impressed MU coaches at the Missouri team camp that wrapped up yesterday.

“The Missouri coaches said they loved what they saw, so we’ll see,” said Morse.

No doubt that Missouri is very interested in seeing how Jake performs at his new high school, Columbia Rock Bridge, which is right in Missouri’s back yard. Jake finished up his football season at De Soto (KS) High School last year and then moved, with his dad, to Columbia where he will slide right into the QB position with ease.

Since Jake spent most of his life just thirteen miles away from the University of Kansas, Jake certainly took notice of what Head Coach Mark Mangino and staff have done to improve the football program. Jake even went to their 7 on 7 camp recently and Kansas like what they saw.

“They liked what they saw in me, and they want me to send them my team camp tape from the Missouri team camp that I finished yesterday,” Morse added. “I think Kansas is pretty close to offering me too.”

With Kansas and Missouri looking to be close to offering, Colorado, Minnesota, and Iowa might be three schools that aren’t too far away from offering as well. With all these programs loving what they see in Morse he still remains very wide open.

“Yep, I’m very wide open,” Morse said on his suitors. “I did grow up next to KU, but I’m still wide open to talk to anyone.”

At 6’2” 185 lbs, Jake has the body that these programs are looking for to lead their offenses. It is Jakes ability to be versatile and a leader that separates him from other QB’s.

“The best part of my game is that I can lead and rally my team,” added Morse. “Of course winning is big too. I love to be a pocket passer, but I can get out and run when I need to. I’m pretty versatile.”

Wherever Jake ends up next fall, he will bring a great attitude and work ethic with him. He’s not afraid to compete and his toughness is one major factor why I see him leading one of these big time programs in the future. Top Stories