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Phog.net subscribers submitted questions to Kansas commitment Tim Biere Thursday night as he answered questions via phone through a moderator. Subscribers were prepared with great questions in the first of the summer chat series. Look for new guests each week as we continue our chat sessions throughout the summer. Read the Q&A session with Tim Biere.....

Chat Moderator: Scout.com's Andrew Bone

WavetheWheat: My question is about Kansas' facilities compared to others he saw. Does he think that our new football complex will put us equal or better than other Big XII schools?

Andrew Bone (Tim Biere): "We didn't get a chance to see the new facilities, but I heard they are going to be sweet. The weight room was just as nice if not better than the other schools I visited."

KeithHarris:Even with our need at TE does he think he'll redshirt his first year?

AB (Biere): "I don't think so as of now. Like you said there is a big need for tight end. Coach Blaney told me there is a need, and I could compete for playing time."

markp68: I'm assuming this guy grew up a Cornhusker fan? How does he feel about playing against them?

AB (Biere): "I did go to the games when I was younger. I can't wait now to get back to Lincoln, score some touchdowns and beat the Cornhuskers."

KeithHarris: What are Tim's strengths and what are some of the things he wants to improve on before getting to KU?

AB (Biere): "Definitely strengths would be catching the ball, route running and getting open. I would like to get stronger, work on my footwork and blocking. I want to improve my speed and strength as well."

pferg: Has the KU staff talked to Tim about talking to any other recruits to sell them on Kansas? If so, who?

AB (Biere): "Yeah, they definitely have. Anyone I know I will try to get them to go to Kansas."

markp68: Is he exclusively TE, or did the staff talk to him about DE as well?

AB (Biere): "They told me I am a tight end. That was it, but I do play defense in high school. I may move to safety this year."

jhawklver: How did the coaching staff sell the TE role in the new offense?

AB (Biere): "They said they use a lot of tight ends in every game. They make plays, and let them do a lot of stuff."

pferg: Has Tim informed the Nebraska staff of his commitment, and what was their reaction?

AB (Biere): "No, I haven't called them. I am going down there for a 7-on-7 tournament. I'll be wearing my Kansas stuff when I am there."

KeithHarris: something that should be asked...if Nebraska comes in with a late offer will he decommit to us?

AB (Biere): "I would not visit Nebraska if they offered."

pferg: Did the KU staff tell Tim how many TE's they are going to take, and if they were looking at any JUCO TE's?

AB (Biere): "They said they were going to take two tight ends this year."

chopsone: What is his impression of the KU offense? ...and what have the coaches told him about his role in it?

AB (Biere): "I think it's really good. I like it. The plays we were running in camp were really spread out. The tight end is able to run short and deep routes. It's a lot of fun."

AB (Biere): "They definitely said there is not many tight ends who are going to be there when I get there, but I am still going to have to compete. They said I am going to be more of a pass catching tight end."

TomLight: How big a role did the new KU facilities play, if any, in his decision?

AB (Biere): "It definitely played a part. They are going to take care of some things, and they are going to be finished next summer. It's going to be pretty sweet when I get down there."

muffnudge: What does Tim look forward to the most about attending college?

AB (Biere): "Definitely getting a chance to play football and getting a good degree at Kansas as well. Just hope to come down there and win some ball games and have some fun."

markp68: What was the most important factor in his decision? Location? Facilities? Coach? Ben & Jerry's?

AB (Biere): "I felt comfortable there. I felt comfortable around the staff and the campus. I guess the comfort level."

pferg: What were some of the factors that made him choose KU over K-State?

AB (Biere): "The campus was a selling point. The new facilities, and the chance the compete for playing time as a freshman as well."

chopsone: What kind of TE does he see himself as... a blocker or a receiver?

AB (Biere): "I would like to think of myself as a complete tight end by blocking as well as catching the ball. They split me out on offense so I can make some plays."

You ask him about his interest from Nebraska - Why no offer? Were they playing the waiting game on him?

AB (Biere): "I am not really sure what they were thinking. I went to camp, and they said they would get back with me. I went to Kansas that Saturday, and then committed. I am not really sure if they were going to offer or not."

pferg: Has Tim met and/or talked with [Tanner] Hawkinson? How does he see the two of them fitting in together?

AB (Biere): "Yeah, we worked out together at camp. He seems like a really nice guy. Hopefully, we can do big things in our four years there."

WavetheWheat: Did our new offensive cordinator talk to Tim about if TE will be a bigger focus in our offense?

AB (Biere): "No, he didn't mention that to me."

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AB: Thanks to all subscribers for submitting questions and look forward to next week's chat.

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