KC Guard Is Tripping

If somebody tells you that Michael Dixon is tripping, they aren't kidding. No, the six-foot-one junior point guard from Lee's Summit (MO) West isn't acting irrational, he's just doing his best to check out the campuses of schools showing early interest in him. In fact, Dixon's biggest problem with the recruiting process is that he can't get out and visit as many schools as he'd like to.

“The only thing I don’t like about it is that I can’t get everywhere I’d like to go,” said Dixon. “You know everybody says they want you to visit them and I wish I could go everywhere. It’s fun.”

One school that Dixon has been able to visit is Kansas. After taking in a couple of Jayhawk games last winter, Dixon swung by Lawrence last Thursday to play some pickup.

“It was fun, just meeting the players and getting to know all of them. I knew a couple of them already like Brady (Morningstar), Tyrel (Reed) and I’d talked to Sherron (Collins) before. It was good meeting all of them like Mario Chalmers, Russell Robinson, Darnell Jackson and all of the rest of them. It’s good to meet some guys that you are familiar with by face and name.”

Asked how he fared during the pickup games, Dixon said that he held his own.

“I think I did pretty well. I played pretty good defense and on offense I felt like I was right there with them. I scored a pretty good amount,” Dixon told Phog.Net. “The real difference to me is that they are a little quicker, a little stronger and smarter. I knew I wasn’t going to come in and just gun, I wasn’t going to try and jack shots.”

According to Dixon, one player in particular surprised him with how much he’d improved since he saw him last.

“Tyrel, he’s gotten way better. It looked like he’d grown maybe half an inch, he’s way thicker, he’s quicker and he was hitting his open shots,” said Dixon. “He knows how to play and he’s showing that he’s just a workaholic. You can’t work that much and not get any better.”

Prior to taking part in the pickup games, Dixon spent some time speaking with both Bill Self and Danny Manning. While he knows that the Kansas staff is interested in him, he understands that they are concentrating a little more heavily on kids a year older than him.

“Right now I know they are really focused on their 2008 recruiting class,” said Dixon. “As soon as they get all of that put together they are going to be all over people from 2009 like me and other guys that they are recruiting.”

With a trip to Kansas out of the way, Dixon -- who already holds offers from Baylor, Iowa Kansas State, Miami, Missouri, Purdue and others -- still has plans to stop by the campuses of California, Kansas State, Missouri and he’s trying to work out a trip to Purdue. An aspiring coach, he’s just looking to get a feel for each campus, get the real scoop from current players, and have as much fun with the recruiting process as possible.

“When I go the main thing is I want to have a good time,” said Dixon. “It’s good to go talk to the players and ask their opinion because they are going to tell the truth no matter what the coach might be saying. The coaches are always going to say what you want to hear so you’ll go to their school.”

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