Pegram Names Leader and Awaits More Offers caught up with Silver Lake, Kansas offensive lineman, Logan Pegram to talk about where his recruitment is now.

After a summer full of impressive outings at camps, Logan Pegram is now dominating opponents in helping his high school team, Silver Lake, to yet another undefeated season.

“I think I got eighteen knockdowns in the first week,” Pegram said. “I think I have 40 or so in the first three weeks so far.”

40? 40 knockdowns in the first three weeks of the season! It’s those numbers that have made the 6’4” 295 pound offensive lineman a target for the Kansas program.

“I talk to Coach Bowen. He tells me they are looking at game film still, but I think they are pretty close to offering.”

With his impressive stats, and great size, it’s certainly odd that only one school has pulled the trigger and offered. Colorado State pulled that trigger and offered the O-Lineman and now they find themselves as the leader for Pegram.

“I think that some other schools haven’t offered because of the competition that I play in high school.”

That certainly could be the case. Although, Pegram did what he could during summer camps to put that argument to bed. He dominated other big time recruits during the camp sessions, leaving as a stand out performer in each camp.

“I think my tenacity is what I do best on the field. I like to finish plays and blocks. I play until the whistle blows.”

That tenacity is certainly one reason Pegram has 40 knockdowns so far this season. It’s also a reason that Colorado State, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, and now a late party goer, Illinois, like about Logan. Some of those schools have started ramping up their recruitment and some haven’t really done much as of late.

“I really don’t communicate at all with Kansas State. I mean, I get some emails, but that’s it. I doubt I visit there, but I might go to the KU @ Kansas State later this year, Pegram said. “ISU maybe the next to offer, after Kansas, but I don’t know how serious they are. I will wait to see before going all the way to Ames. Illinois has really started sending me stuff in the mail as of late. I don’t know what their interest is yet though.”

With Kansas in constant contact with the 295 pound lineman, Logan has certainly followed the Jayhawks and their success in the 2007 campaign. He attended the Central Michigan game and plans on attending the Florida International game on Saturday.  Pegram has the body, and the drive to be a solid performer in the Big XII. Having played Tight End in his career, Pegram does have good, strong hands. His footwork is what will set him apart, and that’s something he is working on every day. Add that to additional strength work and Pegram should start seeing those offers he’s waiting for. Top Stories