Three Down, One To Go?

Last weekend Quintrell Thomas of Elizabeth (NJ) St. Patrick packed up his bags and made the third of his four scheduled official visits. After previously checking out the campuses of Maryland and Rutgers, the six-foot-eight inch power forward hopped on a plane to check out Bill Self's Kansas program.

Along for the trip was Derrick Bobbitt who coaches Thomas during the summers. According to Bobbitt, the visit went very well.

“It was a great visit and he enjoyed himself,” said Bobbitt. “It’s a great campus and a great staff and all of the guys were great. It may have been the best visit as far as the visits go.”

While the visit was filled with many of the things that Thomas had done on other visits like dining with team members, playing pickup and meeting with coaches, there seemed to be a little something extra on the visit.

“We did a lot of the same things as other visits,” Bobbitt told Phog.Net. “But Kansas has a little flair that some of the other schools didn’t have.”

Maybe most important, was that the visit allowed Thomas to get a better feel for life in the Midwest and life in a town that revolves around a school.

“The Kansas visit was the first visit where the school was located right in a real college town,” said Bobbitt. “It was a little different setting than the other two (Maryland and Rutgers). It was a great visit because it wasn’t what he expected. I’d been there before but it was important for him to realize that it wasn’t just in the middle of nowhere.”

For now, Thomas is still scheduled to make a trip to UNLV on the weekend of October 12th, but there’s a chance that a decision could come a little sooner.

“He could go ahead and make the decision at any time,” said Bobbitt. “He’s scheduled to go to UNLV, though, so for now that hasn’t changed.”

Visit to UNLV or no visit -- and it’s looking like the visit will happen -- it won’t be much more than a few more weeks before Thomas announces his choice. It’s just a matter of gathering a little more information so that he can make the best decision possible.

“He just needs to see everything,” finished Bobbitt. “He wants to make an educated decision, that’s the bottom line.”

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