Blackmon Will Catch Kansas Game

Texas speedy receiver, Chance Blackmon, spent a few minutes with talking about his recruitment and why he won't be a guest of the Jayhawks this weekend.

Chance Blackmon is certainly a name that just sounds like a future star receiver in the Big XII.  At 6’2”, 180 pounds, Blackmon says his size and speed is what sets him apart from other receivers in the Lone Star State. As of now, however, only schools outside of the Lone Star State have continued to court the star receiver.

“Right now, it’s really slow,” said Blackmon. “Only Missouri and Colorado are really recruiting me. I don’t really hear from Kansas at all lately.”

Strange, since just a few months ago, Kansas was one of the programs that Blackmon was interested in knowing more about. Even though Kansas doesn’t seem as interested as they were a few months ago, Blackmon will still get the opportunity to see them play this coming weekend.

“I’ll be going to Colorado this Saturday to watch them against Kansas,” replied Blackmon. “I’ll be going to MU in three weeks with Bryce Beall, another Kansas target, to see them play.”

Playing for a successful program is important to Chance, but playing in a place that makes him feel at home is also important.

“Colorado is really young and I like that. Their quarterback is only a red-shirt freshman, said Blackmon. “I like that Missouri rally throws the ball around and that they recruit Texas a lot.”

With only two programs being somewhat far from home, it could be a concern for Chance or his parents.

“No, that’s not a big deal. My parents just want me to go where I’m happy.”

Now that he has some visits lined up, Blackmon is now waiting for his back to heal so he can get back on the field.

“I have three pinched nerves. I tried to play as long as I could, but it just got worse and worse,” replied the hurt receiver. “Right now, I have 425 yards receiving with about 16 catches. I also have 6 touchdowns.”

If you look at the type of receiver that Kansas has been recruiting over the last few seasons, you have to wonder what happened with Blackmon. With his size and speed, he certainly fits what Kansas has been looking for.  With impressive statistics before being injured, Blackmon looks to get back on the field as soon as possible to add to those numbers. With an impressive end to his season, Chance could likely be extending the date that he hoped to end his recruitment. He is hoping to decide before Christmas, but if new schools are added to his current list, Blackmon could have a difficult decision on his hands. Top Stories