Cooper Likes the Underrated Jayhawks

Just after watching film for his upcoming game, caught a few minutes with the hard hitting Safety from Dallas.

With his high school team, Skyline (Dallas) doing the best they have done in 12 years, Keanon Cooper has a lot on his plate with his recruitment and preparing for his next game.

"I just got done watching film for our next game," Cooper said. It's funny that we're doing this on Thanksgiving weekend."

With teams staying away from Cooper and his high football IQ, Cooper has still been able to accomplish some impressive stats on the field.

"I have two picks, three blocked punts, two forced fumbles, and one sack," Cooper reports.

With Copper still playing in the playoffs, he has delayed making anymore visits. Cooper has already made trips to Minnesota and Kansas State.

"Minnesota was cool. They aren't doing to good, but I think they are going in the right direction. It's a good city and I think they are headed to big things," Cooper said about the Gophers.

"Kansas State has an alright team. Their city just didn't fit my lifestyle. I'm a city kid and Manhattan didn't have much around," Cooper said about the Wildcats.

Speaking of the Gophers, they happen to be where long time close friend and teammate, Spencer Reeves committed to earlier this month. Does this have an impact on Cooper?

"We do a lot of stuff together and we have talked about going to the same school and stuff. Right now, he's committed to Minnesota, but I don't know if I'll end up there."

Two other Big 10 schools have been at the top of Cooper's list. In fact, one of them, Wisconsin, called Cooper while we were conducting this interview.

"At one time, they were at the top of my list. They signed a couple of guys, and that's cool, it's a business. I like them, but I don't think the interest is the same," Cooper said.

Michigan is the other school that Keanon is very interested in. In fact, some would say they were on top of the list before Lloyd Carr stepped down this week.

"I just don't know what will happen now. They new staff might not be interested in me. I was planning on visiting them right after my season, but now I'll just see what happens."

Visits are something that Cooper plans on making some more of before making his decision.

"I still might visit Michigan, and I plan on visiting Kansas and Texas Tech," Cooper said.

To Cooper, Kansas is a school that has really jumped out to him with their outstanding season.

"It's a really good school. They are certainly better than I thought they would be. Some teams are overrated in the beginning of the season and some are underrated. They were underrated."

One thing that he likes about Kansas, besides their terrific season, is that some local kids are currently on the roster.

"It's cool if kids are from your area. It gives you people to relate to and talk to. You can hang out with them and talk about where you are from and about high school. It's good to have guys to relate to," Cooper said.

With some visits made and some yet to come, Cooper has no idea when he might decide on a school.

"I plan on making my visits before I decide. That doesn't mean that I won't visit somewhere and think that it's the place for me and commit then."

With visits to Minnesota and Kansas State already completed and a Michigan visit in doubt, it looks as if Kansas has a good shot of getting Cooper in Crimson and Blue. Top Stories