Collins Closer to Full Return

Kansas head coach Bill Self updates on the quest to get talented sophomore guard Sherron Collins back to 100%, and how it might affect minutes and the starting rotation. More inside.

Deemed as a surprise appearance by some, Sherron Collins played his first minutes in over a month since suffering a stress fracture Saturday against DePaul. Collins scored 6 points in 13 minutes of play including 2-3 from beyond the arc.

Kansas has missed Collins who hadn’t played since scoring 10 points against UMKC on November 11. The next day Sherron faced surgery for a stress fracture in his foot. Since then, the Jayhawks’ record remains unblemished but at times KU missed Sherron’s creativity. Collins breaks down a defense like no other and helps this team get easier shots.  

According to head coach Bill Self, the Jayhawks are inching closer to getting 100 percent from their talented sophomore guard. Self told on Monday that Sherron will likely not play with his minutes restricted against Ohio on Saturday.  

“I hope that’s not the deal,” Self answered when asked if Collins’ minutes would be limited. “I hope by Saturday he’s released full speed but I don’t know if that’s going to be the case. He’s getting better gradually everyday. But even though he’ll be full speed he won’t look great, more than likely because he hasn’t played a bunch. His timing will be off but I really think physically he’s going to be fine and close to 100 percent by Saturday.”

The pressing question is what will Self do once he does have his full repertoire of guards? Choosing a starting five could prove to be interesting on a team where Russell Robinson, Mario Chalmers, Sherron Collins, and Brandon Rush all deserve to start. Not to mention the contributions turned in by senior Rodrick Stewart and freshman Tyrel Reed.

“I don’t know yet,” Self responded when asked how he would divvy up the minutes. “I have in my mind of how I want to handle it in a perfect world but that’s if everybody gets back healthy. We’re thinking about that now but I’m certainly not concerned with that at all because I know that at least Sherron is not going to be ready to be a starter for at least a couple of weeks. We’ll just kind of wait and see how that goes until after Christmas.”

Suddenly there’s a log jam of talented guards waiting in the wings at Kansas. A lot of coaches in America would like to have the same problem as Self. Top Stories