Kansas Lands a Big One From Down Under

Phog.net caught a few minutes with Santa Barbara City College Head Coach, Craig Moropoulos about the Jayhawks newest commit, Nathan D'Cunha.

At 6'7" 310 lbs, Nathan D'Cunha has no problem making people notice him when he walks into a room. Now, the offensive lineman will be making heads turn on the campus of the University of Kansas.

Originally from Australia, where he currently is headed for the holidays, D'Cunha received only praise from his coach at SBCC.

"He's huge! He has great feet too," said Moropoulos. " He is very coachable and is very, very mature."

One of the reasons for D'Cunha's maturity is his age. At 24, he has a few years on his younger teammates. Being a bit older has helped Nate excel on and off the field.

"He learns so quick and easy. He's not out there running his mouth or anything. He also has great grades and does great in school. His age and maturity surely help him there," said Moropoulos.

As of now, it looks as if Nate will have two years remaining at Kansas, but there is a chance that a third year could be allowed by the NCAA.

"We did send in an appeal for a third year. We were supposed to hear back by the end on November, but I haven't heard anything yet, said Moropoulos."

After Nate turned 21, he had played in a game in Europe that was viewed as professional. Therefore, one year of eligibility was taken away from the NCAA.

Nate has ties to the west coast as well as Texas, where he was originally committed to Baylor. After some questions after the coaching change in Waco, Nate decided to look around. Syracuse, among others, was another place that Nate was interested in learning more about. In the end, his trip to Lawrence left such an impression on him that he decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on his commitment.

"He just really liked the coaches and felt very comfortable with them. Even after getting off the plane with shorts, sandals, and a T-shirt on," said Moropoulos.

With great feet and great size, D'Cunha has the natural gifts to excel at this level. His maturity and lead by example attitude will also help Nate excel at this level. With added coaching and teaching of advanced offensive lineman skills, Nate will certainly be a great addition to the Kansas program.

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