Two Stand Out for Johnson

Vegas PG Elijah Johnson has a long list of suitors, but right now a couple of powerhouses, one from the Big 12 and one from the Pac 10, seem to stand out front.'s Eric Bossi with the latest, inside.

Wednesday night, Elijah Johnson toed the free throw line with just 2.6 seconds remaining in the game. With the game tied at 68, the 6-2 junior point guard only had one thing going through his mind as he stepped up and swished home his 20th and 21st points to give his team a 70-68 win.

"Nothing but making the shot," said Johnson. "Just making the shot is all I'm thinking about. I'm not nervous, I'm confident that I'm making the shot."

That's the thing about Johnson, his game exudes confidence. He takes defenders off the dribble with confidence, he leaps over defenders for tip slams with confidence and that confidence also allows him to pull up and swish home deep three pointers in transition.

"Everything about my game is confidence, I take every shot with confidence," Johnson told " I'm Elijah Johnson and I'm just trying to be me. I want people to compare their game to me someday."

Because of his athleticism, creative scoring and ability to play with the ball in his hands or out on the wing many have wondered whether Johnson is really a point or a two. If you ask Johnson, you get a pretty clear answer.

"I'm not a shooting guard, I'm a point guard," said Johnson of his position. "I can play off the ball, but I'm a point guard all the way and that's how people are recruiting me."

On the recruiting front, two schools stand out from the crowd for Johnson.

"Kansas and UCLA," said Johnson when asked to list the programs he's most interested in. "I know they are recruiting me the hardest."

Prodded to list other schools that he's thinking about, Johnson declined to name anybody specific.

"Other than Kansas and UCLA I'm open right now," said Johnson. "I'm not even paying attention, I'm trying to get my schoolwork done and am working on my high school season."

As for his interest in Bill Self's Jayhawks, Johnson had planned to take a trip out this weekend but it's been put on hold.

"I was supposed to leave to go out there on Friday but I'm not making it," said Johnson of his visit. "I'll go out there next month."

According to Johnson, he's intrigued by the Jayhawks style of play and he's gotten good feedback from those he's spoken to about Self's system.

"The program, just the way they play and the way they go. I've talked to a lot of players that play for them and they say that it's just open," said Johnson. "You do what you do, Coach Self doesn't change your game, he let's you play. It's open court and it's a good program."

Finally, Johnson says that he's in no rush to make a decision. He'd prefer to make one before the end of his junior year, but he's not sure that he's going to be able to do that.

"I don't even know right now when I'll decide. Hopefully before my junior year ends, but I doubt it," said Johnson. "Maybe it will be sometime during my senior year or during the summer time. What am I trying to do? What do I want to study? I don't know any of that yet so that's why I'm waiting." Top Stories