Academics Key for Parish

A lot of future D-1 football stars dream about running out of the locker room and on to the field to 50,000 fans roaring at the sight of that players appearance. It's not that Darius Parish doesn't have dreams like that, but he also dreams about getting a great education too.

"The academics are great at KU. Kansas was just a better fit for me. I know their academics better and just felt comfortable," Darius Parish said.

Sure, we've heard this before, but how many heralded recruits want to double major in college?

"I'm thinking about double majoring," Parish said. "I'm thinking about Business, Sociology, or Marketing.

Turns out that University of Kansas academics, not their rising football program, was the reason Parish chose Kansas over Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oklahoma State and Colorado State. With his knowledge of the academics, Parish felt that staying close to home and playing at a good football program was enough for Kansas to win a tight race at the end again Wisconsin.

"I had a little list and I just took the best of the Big XII (Kansas) and the best of the Big 10 (Wisconsin) and decided, in the end, that Kansas was the best fit for me."

Weighing in at about 323 pounds, Parish hopes to come in a little lighter as a freshman to have the opportunity to log some playing time early in his Kansas career.

"I'm hoping to get down to about 305 pounds when I get to school. That will help with my explosion and speed," Parish said.

It certainly should. One thing Darius won't lose anytime soon, which is the best part of his game, is his strength. Now benching a monster 390 pounds, Parish is well known for being hard for the opposition to move off the line.

Darius likes what he has seen concerning the Kansas football program and from Coach Young.

"Coach Young has great experience and has had some great defenses. It's good to see the program getting better," Parish said. "Keep working hard and get after it, good things happen."

Darius should make an immediate impact on the Kansas defense. With his desire to get down to around 300 pounds, this will allow Darius to explode quicker off the line and disrupt opposing offenses. With work on how to sculpt and shape his body, Darius should be a tremendous force for the Kansas defense for years to come. Top Stories