Rod Harris Talks In-Depth of Decision

Rod Harris, wide receiver from Brenham-Blinn College, Texas, has signed his letter of intent with Kansas and is enrolled in school. Harris talks about his decision to sign with the Jayhawks and his future in Lawrence.

"I have signed with KU," said Rod Harris. "I started school this semester. Today is my second day of class. I am loving it."

"It's snowing here right now. The campus is great, and the people are real nice. I am very happy with my decision."

Harris discussed the reasons for choosing the Jayhawks.

"I actually had a few other offers, and KU didn't offer me until Christmas break," he said. "I was going to play one more season at Blinn. I liked a lot of things going on at KU. I like the offense, and coach [Mark] Mangino is a good guy."

"My cousin, Daymond Patterson, is going there next year. Kale Pick is a good quarterback. We have some great tight ends coming in this class. We have Nick Plato."

"I knew a lot about this class. It was the place I wanted to be. I knew it would be a great group of guys."

"I was registered to go back to Blinn. I had built a great relationship with coach [John] Reagan. I had walked on at Blinn in the spring, and Kansas was looking for a wide receiver. Coach Reagan told me after the game that he liked me, but I couldn't get up there at the time."

"Coach Reagan always stayed in touch with me. He called me when he could. Other schools had offered me, but he kept in contact with me more than they did."

"I slowly built a relationship with all the coaches. I have a son, and coach Reagan came and met him."

"Coach Reagan was honest with me the whole time. He was very real with me. Before they offered me I told him I was going to stay another year at Blinn. He said he respected my decision. After that they decided to offer me."

"I was hosted last week by Darrell Stuckey. They are all about competition up there. This season was not just a one-time thing."

"I saw what the campus was like when nobody was here. I was impressed with what it would be like without anyone there."

"We went bowling. There were little things I liked. He [Stuckey] approached me as his teammate. It felt like I was part of the team. Todd [Reesing] is a sophomore. It was right for me. Marcus Henry is finished. Hopefully I will get the chance and play."

"Jacques Crawford is visiting this weekend. That would be another great pick-up."

The former junior college player was recruited as a receiver and looks to make a big impact in the KU offense.

"I am 6-2, 197-pounds. I had 20 catches almost 400 yards. I think I can bring the deep threat to KU. I can run after the catch," Harris said.

"I think coach Fran [Blinn head coach Brad Franchione] emphasized that. I can catch slants and turns those into touchdowns. That's what Marcus Henry did. Coming off the press is something I have worked on a lot."

"I can read defenses and stuff like that. I can always learn. I will never get to the point where I can't learn. I am running a high 4.4 forty, and I would like to get that down. I have a 40-inch vertical. I would like to get a little stronger."

"I would like to get explosive with everything I do. I would like to maintain the same speed when I come off my cuts. My main focus in the off-season is being explosive. I want to work on my footwork. I can do better with blocking."

The Jayhawks finished the regular season 12-1 and won the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech. They lost a key defensive weapon, but return several key players. Harris believes the BCS bowl game victory was not a fluke and will continue to happen for Kansas.

"We have a lot of guys coming back. The whole secondary, except Aqib Talib, and linebackers are back. Chris Harris is back, and he had an interception in the Orange Bowl," he said.

"We are bringing in some good recruits. We still have Pat Resby and Mike [Rivers]. The whole defense and the whole offense."

"We have our center coming back, and that's a big thing. We'll be good as long as we keep our mind focused. We'll go from there." Top Stories