Appleton Visit Draws Offer

Had things gone the way they were supposed to, Tyrone Appleton would have started his official visit to Kansas over the weekend by joining his father James Dye in Lawrence watching the Jayhawks rout Nebraska from a seat right behind head coach Bill Self. However, issues with his flight delayed the six-foot-three inch guard from Midland (TX) College's arrival until later on in the day.

According to Dye, Appleton was still able to make the most of his visit.

“He just said that he really enjoyed the visit,” Dye told Phog.Net. “The time that he spent on campus as well as with the coaches and the other players, he really enjoyed himself”

Because he wasn’t able to make the game, Appleton would like to return unofficially to check out the game day atmosphere. The trick, however, will be working out a date that doesn’t interfere with what he’s got going on at Midland.

“I think that we’re trying to at this point work some things out with his juco coach,” said Dye of another visit. “He’s in the midst of his academic semester and as well they are down to their conference games. We’re trying to maximize to things with his exposure recruiting wise, but his commitment is to Midland and the academic process at this point so it’s a matter of trying to find a date that works out.”

While in Lawrence, Appleton was offered a scholarship to play at Kansas. The offer is just the most recent in what is starting to be a pretty impressive list of schools in pursuit.

“Kentucky, Iowa State, San Jose State, Indiana and there are several others that Ty knows who have offered,” said Dye. “Schools usually offer during their conversations with him and then sometimes he’ll have me follow up if he’s got some questions that he needs answered.”

A tough guard who led Midland to a junior college national title as a freshman, Appleton has been a winner since his high school days. He can attack the basket, plays terrific on the ball defense and is comfortable playing on or off of the ball and it doesn’t matter to him whether he’s recruited as a point, a two or a combo.

“We’ve had schools say to him that you are the point guard,” said Dye. “We’ve also had schools say that we don’t recognize guard positions, you might play the two, you might play the point or you may play both during the same game. It doesn’t matter to Ty, he’s played both.”

Because Appleton will be moving on from a junior college program, he’ll only have two years to play upon his arrival. With that in mind, he and his family are paying very close attention to the academic presentations and a focus on helping him complete his degree within two years is very important. Of course, playing time and his role on the team are pretty important as well.

“He’s interested in being able to bring something to the program right away,” said Dye. “First of all athletically he’s interested in what his input would be minutes wise and in terms of skill. Also he really would like to feel comfortable in the atmosphere since he’s been away from home since basically his sophomore year.”

Now that he’s gotten a few visits under his belt and is getting closer to making a decision, the question is whether or not Appleton has a favorite -- it changes almost daily according to Dye -- and how much longer he wants to wait before making a decision.

“I think he’s like any young person, his mind changes from time to time,” said Dye of the decision making process. “There are times where he feels like he wants to complete the process and settle in and get some things done. Then there are other times where he feels like he has additional questions so he feels like there are other things that he needs to know.”

Although the exact date hasn’t been set yet, it is safe to say that a decision would likely come within a relatively short period of time. Appleton would like to be able to get his focus completely back to his remaining duties at Midland and he doesn’t want to leave any of the schools recruiting him without time to pursue other options.

“He and I had a conversation over the weekend and he’s very understanding that even though there are several programs recruiting him he can only choose one school,” said Dye. “He’s very understanding that he needs to choose a program soon so that the schools he doesn’t pick can move on.”

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