Scouts Weigh In On Appleton

Monday afternoon, Tyrone Appleton announced his intention to spend his final two years of college at the University of Kansas. With the six-foot-three inch combo guard from Midland (TX) College officially in the fold, Kansas fans have been eager to find out about exactly what type of player they are getting in Appleton.

With that in mind, Phog.Net sought out the opinions of some of the most highly respected scouts in the business in’s Dave Telep, Today’s Rob Harrington and the best junior college talent evaluator in the business, Jerry Mullen of

The head of scouting for, Telep had the opportunity to see Tyrone Appleton extensively as a high schooler on the summer circuit and then at Bridgeton Prep.

“Going back to his days as a high school prospect Appleton ascended quickly as a high school senior from a mid level prospect because he could score,” said Telep. “Virginia Tech wanted him as a combo guard and the line of thought now is that he's a wing player who can wear many hats in a backcourt but his natural inclination seems to be as a bucket maker."

Much like Telep, Harrington’s viewings of Appleton were limited to the junior college standout’s days as a high schooler.

“I always liked Appleton as a versatile, unsung backcourt performer who will bring experience and toughness to the lineup,” said Harrington of Appleton. “He struck me as a combo guard out of high school, and I like that he can defend either backcourt position.”

In addition to his toughness and defensive ability, Harrington thinks that Appleton might be able to bring a little offensive pop off the dribble.

“He'll be able to provide some scoring off the dribble as well,” Harrington told Phog.Net. “He has a lean strength that should enable him to make the adjustment to the Big 12 without much trouble.”

While Harrington and Telep are both certain of what they saw from Appleton as a prep, both are quick to point out that a lot could have changed in two years. That’s why it’s so important to hear from a guy like Mullen who has seen the Midland star multiple times during his time in junior college.

According to Mullen, Kansas has scored a player who does a lot of things that can’t necessarily be measured.

“First of all they are getting a kid with a lot of intangibles, things that are hard to see on the surface,” said Mullen. “He’s tough, he’s smart and he can play either guard spot.”

In addition to seeing Appleton at Midland, Mullen has had the opportunity to watch the 6-3 guard at his annual summer camp featuring the top juco prospects in the country. From the sounds of it, Kansas likes his aggressiveness and willing to get dirty.

“He’s physical and he’ll fit right into their scheme because he can guard I think that’s why they love him,” said Mullen of what Kansas sees in Appleton. “I think they really like him and I think that’s why he’ll be able to come right in and play.”

At the end of the day, the Kansas coaching staff -- and by extension the Jayhawk fanbase -- is counting on Appleton being ready to contribute as soon as he arrives. The way Mullen sees it, the Jayhawks have just landed themselves one of the top junior college players in the country.

“Yeah I think so, I don’t do a top 100 and I don’t do a top two or three or anything like that but he’s definitely one of the best out there,” finished Mullen. “More importantly I don’t think there’s a guard who fits them better than what he does. He’s a good fit for their scheme and that’s probably more important than anything else.

I think they are getting a real good player, no doubt.” Top Stories