Johnson Reflects on Visit

Last weekend, junior Elijah Johnson and his teammates at North Las Vegas (NV) Cheyenne were playing for a state championship. This weekend, the 6-2 point guard and his father decided to take a trip to Lawrence in order to take in the Kansas versus Kansas State game on Saturday night.

According to Elijah Johnson, the trip came together late.

“That was a last minute thing,” said Johnson. “I wanted to see the game so we just came out for it.”

With nothing else going on, Johnson saw the opportunity to catch a good game and he wasn’t disappointed with what he saw.

“It was cool, I liked the atmosphere,” Johnson told Phog.Net. “The game was good. Beasley did what Beasley does and Kansas did what Kansas did and that’s what I came to see.”

The athletic point guard was expecting to see a good game in a wild environment, but the atmosphere in Allen Fieldhouse surpassed his expectations.

“I kind of thought that it was going to be like that, because it’s Kansas,” said Johson of the crowd. “But, it was even more than I expected, I didn’t know that it was going to be that crazy.”

In the past, Johnson has listed Kansas as one of his leaders. This time around, Johnson declined to list any schools or leaders and deemed the trip as something more for pleasure than anything else.

“I don’t know, I really don’t have a list right now,” said Johnson when asked if he had any favorites. “I just went there for fun. I didn’t go there for business. I just went to watch the game.”

After the game, Johnson and his father were able to spend some time with the Kansas coaches and staff before heading back to the hotel. Now, that he’s headed back to his native Las Vegas, Johnson says that he’s looking to focus on books and his game before making a decision sometime after the school year ends.

“Probably after this school year, end of the school year. I don’t know yet, when I’ll decide,” said Johnson.  “I’m not paying attention to the colleges right now, I’m just trying to do my schoolwork and pay attention to my game.” Top Stories