Big 12 Championship Notes

Today's meeting between KU and Texas is just the second time in the combined 166 playings of the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, SEC and Pac 10 conference postseason tournaments that the same two teams have met in three straight finals.

The only other occurrence was when UConn and Pitt met in the championship game of the 2002, 2003 and 2004 Big East postseason tournaments.

Sunday's final matches #5/5 Kansas against #6/8 Texas. This is the second-highest combined ranking between two finalists in Big 12 history. In 2002, #4/4 Oklahoma beat #1/1 Kansas, 64-55. Both the Jayhawks and the Sooners made the Final Four that year.

The 2008 Texas-Kansas match-up will be the fourth time in 11 tournaments that the top two seeds meet in the final. KU and Texas have each played in two of those three meetings, including the 2006 championship game in which the Jayhawks beat the Horns, 80-68. In 2002, 2-seed Oklahoma beat 1-seed KU, 64-55, and top-seeded Oklahoma State beat Texas, 65-49, in 2004. Top Stories