No Rush For Henry

Xavier Henry was really looking forward to a big weekend in Hampton, VA at the Boo Williams Invitational. Unfortunately, the star shooting guard from Oklahoma City (OK) Putnam City injured himself early on Friday night and gutted his way through the playoff rounds after taking off a pair of Saturday games.

Even though he didn’t get to operate at full speed, the 6-6 junior wasn’t upset about the injury.

“If I would have been playing bad it would have been pointless but I was playing good so I felt alright about it,” said Henry. “I was playing good, playing hard so there was nothing I could do about it, it just happened. I got a second degree ankle sprain.”

While limited during his weekend play, there’s not much about Henry’s game that is a secret at this point. He’s one of the truly elite prospects in the class of 2009 and thinks that his versatility is what sets him apart.

“I can do a little bit of everything, I’m an all around player and I can score and play defense and everything,” Henry told Phog.Net. “I’ve been working on my rebounding, making sure that I don’t chase or leak out, actually go in there and grab a couple of boards.”

On the school front, Henry says that not much has changed.

Kansas and Memphis are pretty much at the top,” said Henry. “Then there’s North Carolina, UCLA and Texas.”

Last Monday, he got a chance to watch his two favorites battle it out for the national championship and he was happy for both teams and their coaching staffs.

“It was good because I like to see both of those teams succeed,” said Henry of the Kansas v. Memphis title game. “They both made it to the top where they wanted to be and Kansas came out on top.”

In fact, Henry even mentioned that he sent John Calipari a text message to congratulate him on a good season. There was no message for Coach Self, but Henry had his reason why and said that the Kansas staff was in touch shortly after winning the title.

“I know he (Bill Self) is getting pounded with those, so I know he didn’t need it from me too,” said Henry. “Danny Manning has called me and my pops since then and Coach Self has called my pops so it’s all good.”

Even as his recruitment generates more attention, Henry is in no rush to make a decision and seems more focused on having fun than rushing a decision.

“I’m just taking my time, taking life easy,” said Henry of his approach to recruiting. “I’ve still got another year so I’m not rushing. It’s coming up where I’m going to have to start making my decision so I’m just going to blow through this summer and when school starts I’ll start taking visits and all of that.

“I’m pretty laid back about everything. The attention doesn’t bother me.”

When it does come time to make a decision, Henry is going to use what he’s watched from each school as a measuring stick. If he sees himself fitting in like any of the players who have played his position before him, then he’ll feel good about picking a school.

“I just watch and think about where I’d play and where I’d be in each situation,” said Henry. “If I think I can fit myself perfectly in that situation then I’ll be fine.”

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