Catching Up With John Wall

After breaking out last summer, John Wall is no longer a secret. The speedy 6-3 point guard from Raleigh (NC) Word of God is one of the top juniors in the country and people are gunning for him. Last weekend, Wall was in Hampton, VA where he was running the show for a talented South Carolina Ravens bunch.

“I’d rate my play at like an eight or a nine,” said John Wall. “At the beginning I was getting my teammates involved a lot and trying not to be a ball hog and stuff like that, be a good point guard and a leader. I think I stepped that up the last couple of games.”

Most commonly noted for his blazing end to end speed, the right handed Wall is a strong driver who is particularly tough going to and finishing with his left. A good passer who can score off the bounce and should develop into very good defender. Because of all that it isn’t difficult to see why scouts and coaches have hailed his potential.

Wall has learned to just play instead of worrying about his rankings or some guru’s opinion on his game.

“When I first started blowing up I looked,” said Wall. “Now I don’t worry about that. I’m just working on getting better, separating myself and me getting ready for college and stuff like that.”

When asked to list who has been most involved, Wall rattled off a list of schools like Florida State, Virginia, Miami, North Carolina State, Memphis, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and many others. Also included in the mix are Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks.

“They are involved, I haven’t talked to them recently because they were getting ready for the big tournament,” Wall told Phog.Net. “But Kansas is in the mix too. Coach Dooley came down to watch me practice a couple of times.”

Given that he’s being pursued by both Memphis and Kansas, Wall admitted that he was watching closely on television.

“It was a good environment and game just to watch on tv,” said Wall of the Jayhawks win. “I wish I could have been there to see a good game like that. Those are two schools that are recruiting me and Kansas was able to come out with the win.”

Over the course of the next two weekends, coaches will be able to watch Wall for themselves at tournaments. After that, he’ll see who is still coming at him the hardest and start to narrow some things down. He also mentioned the coaching carousel as a reason for taking his time.

“I’ll cut it in the middle of the summer or probably in the beginning of the summer,” said Wall. “It’s pretty hard because coaches are losing jobs and coaches are switching jobs. I don’t really want to narrow the list down and then have a coach get a new job.”

Given that he’s real interested in any potential coaching moves, it shouldn’t be a surprise that at the end of the day it will be Wall’s ability to connect with a coach that will matter most in snaring his signature come signing day.

“The most important thing is I want to know how I get along with the coach,” finished Wall. “How me and my coaches and the players get along and the people that I’m coming in with.” Top Stories