Still Four For Siva

The last time Phog.Net was able to check in on Peyton Siva, the 5-11 PG from Seattle (WA) Franklin was helping lead his high school team to an upset win over Los Angeles (CA) Fairfax and Renardo Sidney. Over the weekend, the junior was in Fayetteville, AR with his summer team Seattle Rotary Select for the Real Deal on the Hill.

After a solid showing, Siva thought that he had more that he could work on but was happy with how his team stuck together on their first go-round of the Spring.

“I’ve still got a lot more to work on,” Siva told Phog.Net. “This weekend we played good, but it was our first weekend together, we’ll be cool.”

It shouldn’t surprise that Siva found a way to make it about the team when asked about his performance. The athletic point is a clear leader on the floor and is happy to play wherever his coach or team needs him.

“I just try to go wherever my coach needs me to go,” said Siva of what he’ best suited to do on the floor. “At Franklin, my high school team, they need me to score so I ran the two. For this team I play the point sometimes or they’ll use me for a spot up shooter and I’ll do that and play my role.”

Ideally, though, Siva would like the ball to be in his hands so that he can make things happen for others once he gets to college.

“I like to get players involved and I like to prove that,” said Siva. “They don’t even need to be open and I’ll try to get them the ball.”

On the recruiting front, Siva continues to list Arizona, Kansas, Louisville and Washington as the four schools most involved. He’s also started to pay attention to guards committing from across the country. He’s not necessarily worried about missing out on being able to commit where he wants to go, but he doesn’t want to take his chances either.

“When guards make commitments, I start focusing more,” said Siva. “But, during this summer I’m not going to pay a lot of attention to that, I’m just going to weigh my options.”

Having already visited the campuses of each school on his list save for Kansas, Siva hopes to make it to Lawrence at some point as well. He was the recipient of a phone call from Bill Self the day before the National Championship game and likes the vibe of the Jayhawks win.

“They are still in there because they are Kansas and they are a great program,” said Siva of Kansas. “They just won a national championship, so that’s cool.”

For now, Siva reiterated that he’ll likely be focusing more on his game and taking a look at his options and figuring out which situation is the best fit for him.

“When I watch teams now, I’m just try to see if I could fit in their system,” said Siva. “I’ll take it from there and hopefully be able to figure it all out at some point.”

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