Lance Stephenson Sr. Discusses His Son

Lance Stephenson Sr. spent some time with's Eric Bossi, discussing Lance Jr.'s recruitment, and especially where things stand with Bill Self and the Jayhawks. A full update, inside...

These days, it isn’t easy for any elite level recruit to navigate the waters. With schools, fans, scouts and some others with less than well meaning intentions all trying to grab a piece of you, it can be difficult to know who to trust. In that regard, it’s also difficult for a parent and Lance Stephenson Sr. spent some time discussing how things are going for his son Lance Jr. a highly rated wing from Brooklyn (NY) Lincoln and what it’s like to help a son navigate the hype.

Key in helping out his son, was developing a list of schools and setting a timeline.

“Right now the list is Memphis, UCLA, Kansas, Arkansas, and North Carolina,” said Stephenson, Sr. “I think Lance will be ready to make a decision sometime before the high school season starts.”

On the court, the elder Stephenson has no doubt that his talented 6-6 and 220 pound son can handle the pressure. Off the court, though, things have turned crazy for a kid who has been the subject of intense -- and sometimes negative -- media scrutiny. Because of that he’s looking to help his son find a place that can shelter him in college.

“In New York there’s like a lot of hate. Everybody wants to get at him and this and that,” the elder Stephenson told Phog.Net. “We’re really looking for a place that really embraces him and supports him versus a place that wants to see him mess up. Just a good basketball school where the fans are supportive and there’s a good athletic director and definitely a good coach.”

According to Stephenson, schools hadn’t even really started recruiting his son all that heavily until more recently.

“At first they didn’t really know, because everybody assumed Lance was a lock for Louisville for some reason,” said Stephenson. “Once they realized that wasn’t the case, they’ve been sending a lot of stuff and doing stuff like that, they’ve been real active.”

Stephenson says that Bill Self and Kansas have been among the most fervent in their pursuit of his son and that he likes the way program has a lot of support.

“That’s one of my personal favorites,  Kansas. You know that support there, it’s really good and they take care of their kids,” said Stephenson Sr. of Kansas. “That’s really what we need because right now Lance is just feeling the hate.”

Stephenson also said that he and Self speak on a regular basis.

“Definitely Kansas is big, big, big time on the list. I love Coach Self and I actually call him at least once a week and just check in with him,” said Stephenson. “I called him on the Final Four and wished him well. You know every time I call he’s real supportive, so that looks like a great place for Lance, and we’ll have to see.”

While he wishes that he could make things a little more normal for his son, Stephenson understands that the attention isn’t going away anytime soon. In that regard, he’s even learning from and admires how his 17 year old son has handled everything that’s been thrown his way.

“It’s helping me mature as well, grow up. I couldn’t imagine telling a person how that feels, a kid going through that. Everywhere you go people kind of kind of want to hate on you,” finished Stephenson. “Just straight up hate is kind of wearing him down. Sometimes I’ve got to pump him up because he feels like it’s not worth it. I just gotta tell him it’s going to get better.”

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